Rainbow Six Siege Blood Orchid Suffers Major Hit Reg Bugs, Map Glitches

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Rainbow Six Blood Orchid Map Glitch
Redditor Vizgaudis falls through the map while playing defense at Oregon in Rainbow Six Siege. Vizgaudis / reddit

The latest Rainbow Six Siege Blood Orchid DLC finally released earlier this month, delivering a slew of content, including three operators, a new Theme Park map, and over a thousand bug fixes (this is not hyperbole). Combined, the extensive Blood Orchid update requires 18GB of storage of PS4 and Xbox One consoles and a staggering 42GB for Ultra HD PC setups. However, despite the major revamps made to the game (or perhaps because of it), players have reported some serious bugs and glitches since. The main issues have to do with horrendous hit registration as well as some jarring map glitches, both of which are essential to a playable game.

Rainbow Six Blood Orchid Hit Reg Bug
Redditor ThePaperedFox played as Glaz and fired three square head shots into a defender without a single hit registration. Photo: ThePaperedFox / reddit

First off, via redditor ThePaperedFox shared a PlayStation 4 gameplay clip that shows Glaz sniping an enemy from behind the pickup truck in the garage of Hereford Base. Three solid shots into the enemy's dome do not get registered until ThePaperedFox lands his fifth shot when the defender gets off the camera and moves up and away for cover. 

Another hit registration bug caught on video was shared by YouTube WeebGaming. The footage shows the player shoot rappelling attackers hanging out the Library connector corner window at Bartlett U. The SMG bullets landed center mass on the first attacker while a solid shotgun fire in the chest should have taken out the second. However, none of the mentioned hits actually registered. 

As for map glitches, several players found a trick that enabled players to glitch through the floor of Bank to spawn peek outside as well as fire into the basement to defend Vault and Security objectives. To avoid more Siege players abusing this glitch, I won't share how it's executed, but if you're a cheap asshole that enjoys playing dirty, then I'm sure you can Google it and find it yourself. 

Rainbow Six Blood Orchid Map Glitch
Redditor Vizgaudis falls through the map while playing defense at Oregon in Rainbow Six Siege. Photo: Vizgaudis / reddit

Finally, the basement is a popular defense point for players at Oregon and one of the most often used defensive angles is the corner of the corrider looking down at the laundry stairs. However, redditor Vizgaudis shared a bizarre glitch that causes players to fall through the map while holding that angle. 

There are undoubtedly more bugs and glitches that ail Siege for sure and that means the developers at Ubisoft better scramble to get everything together ASAP. Rainbow Six Siege already executed Operation Health during Year 2 Season 2 to directly address these problems, so it's frustrating to see these issues still exist.

How are you enjoying Rainbow Six Siege Blood Orchid? Have you experienced any bizarre bugs or glitches during your playtime? let us know in the comment section below.

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