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Earlier this week, Ubisoft finally announced the highly anticipated Rainbow Six Siege Year 2 Season 3 title update, Operation Blood Orchid, is expected to arrive Aug. 29. And while Ubisoft has shared some tantalizing hints in its Gamescom teaser, we learn a little more via Siege YouTuber Nukem Dukem – we get to look at the new Hong Kong "Theme Park" map for the very first time.

The map was initially leaked on the Rainbow Six tactical board website on Aug. 9 and was taken down shortly afterwards. While the map looks quite vast, the building itself seems more dense – comparable to a map like Hereford Base and Favela. Outside, there's a carousel on the northwestern part of the map, a water park on the southwestern side, and an abandoned building and Ferris wheel to the east. Spawn points are not confirmed at this time, but the parking lot and abandoned building will be two likely locations.

R6 Siege Hong Kong Theme Park
Ubisoft leaked the Hong Kong Theme Park map on its Tactical Board site this week. Photo: Ubisoft

Inside, the Theme Park doesn't seem to have a basement level. On the main floor are entrance doors on the southeastern and southwestern side, with windows scattered across multiple sides. The most dangerous direction of entry would likely be the northwestern side, considering the high number of windows that face towards that direction. Jager users that enjoy spawn peeking may have a field day and look for Frost's floor traps before stepping in.

On the main floor, there are two large rooms on the northeastern part of the map that features a main breachable wall in between. This could be a key objective for disarm bomb.

On the floor above, windows along the northwest are once again great opportunities for Jager spawn peeks. Attackers may find the northwestern take to be way too risky. This time, breachable walls suggest the bomb site on the second floor could be located on the western and southwestern section of the map. In addition, a long corridor runs right down the middle of the second floor, which not only divides the map into two perfect halves, but also creates a really intense point of contest for map control.

Finally, on the rooftop, we see a greenhouse with broken windows over where the corridor would be on the second floor. Attackers that rush the roof may have the opportunity to clear roamers from the roof.

For a more thorough look at the new Hong Kong 'Theme Park' map on Rainbow Six: Siege, Operation Blood Orchid, be sure to watch the video from NukemDukem below:

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