Rainbow Six Siege Alpha Packs Update Comes To PS4 This Week

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Rainbow Six Siege Charms
Rainbow Six Siege Alpha Packs offers players a chance to earn more weapon skins, charms, headgear, and more for their operators. Ubisoft

The next Rainbow Six Siege update for Xbox One finally delivers the long awaited Alpha Packs. Via the official Rainbow Six Twitter earlier today, Xbox One players were asked to restart their games to allow the update to take effect:

For the Rainbow Six Siege console gamers that are unfamiliar with what Alpha Packs are, free cosmetic upgrades ­– weapon skins, charms and headgear ranging from Common to Legendary – are made available for winning online matches.

Essentially, there are two ways to earn Alpha Packs. The first way is the more satisfying one: chance rolls from winning matches. After a victory, your Chance rating will increase incrementally. Siege will take you to a new Loot Screen where you will roll for an Alpha Pack. If the roll falls within your chance, then you’ll win some new loot. Once you win, your Chance rating will also reset to zero.

The second method to win an Alpha Pack will be to shop for one using 5,000 Renown.  Players that possess the Year 2 Pass will receive a VIP discount to Alpha Pack purchases.

These Rainbow Six Siege Alpha Packs promise to deliver a wide variety of items. Although we don’t know the probability of each item, Ubisoft explains the contents of Alpha Packs will be split between Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary rarity. After a while, you may find that you’re unlocking duplicate items in your Alpha Packs. When that’s the case, Ubisoft will offer extra renown, which will vary based on the rarity of the duplicate.

Last but not least, while the Rainbow Six Siege Alpha Packs update is now available for Xbox One, players that are on PS4 will have to wait just a little longer. As of Friday, Ubisoft did announce PS4 updates are scheduled for “next week.”

Stay tuned as we learn more in the days ahead.

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