'RAID: World War II' Hands-On Impressions: 'Inglorious Basterds' Meets 'Payday 2'

RAID: World War II is a blend of Inglorious Basterds and Payday 2 LionGameLion

World War II had a number of huge battles with tens of thousands of soldiers, but many major points of the war were the result of small groups of individuals taking matters into their own hands. RAID: World War II takes these small moments and lets players jump right in.

RAID: World War II is a multiplayer co-op shooter, with players taking on the roles of the Allied forces’ rejects, like a Nazi who has switched sides or a Soviet who is rebelling against the Red Army. To earn their freedom, these soldiers go on suicide missions to disrupt the Nazi army and steal a boatload of gold.

RAID: World War II thematically plays out like Suicide Squad meets Inglorious Basterds, but from a gameplay perspective, things are most similar to bank heist game Payday 2. Players must work together to not only shoot all the enemies in a given area, but also to complete objectives and finish missions as quickly and efficiently as possible.

One major difference is there are character classes that players can have in RAID. While there are four players in each game, players aren’t forced to each pick one of the classes. This means if you want to try a mission with four snipers instead of any other role, go for it.

The demo at PAX East featured our squad of four raiding a bridge to blow up some train tracks. After reaching the base of the bridge, we quickly climbed some scaffolding while killing anyone standing in our way. Once at the top, we planted some dynamite and blew the tracks sky high. After a train showed up, we stormed the train car doors and found some hidden gold supplies. To end the mission, we had to throw our hauls of gold off the bridge, then parachute down to it. Once back on the ground, we grabbed our gold and made our escape.

While the demo was limited, developers at studio LionGameLion have mentioned there will be weapon customization options, character customization options, ways to play single missions and a longer campaign mode that strings a number of missions together into one experience. Weapon modification seems fairly expansive, with new weapon parts and visual modifications getting unlocked to really fine-tune your play style.

Additionally, there will be challenge modifiers players can add on to a mission to make it more challenging. If players complete one of these challenges, the rewards for completion will be greater. Some of the challenge examples provided forced players to only make headshots, or only giving players the option to run in reverse.

RAID: World War II will be coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One, but no release date has been confirmed as of yet.

So what do you think? Are you interested in a WW2-themed co-op shooter? What other games from PAX East are you excited for? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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