Rage 2 Pre-Orders: Walmart Canada Embracing The Meme With Hilarious Cover Art

Placeholder box art now considered collector's edition-level of exclusivity.
Walmart and Bethesda spinning an unfortunate incident into viral marketing.
Walmart and Bethesda spinning an unfortunate incident into viral marketing. Bethesda

Being a video game developer in this current generation can be a fickle thing. For one, social media is now prevalent in every facet of modern human life, and while this can be good in some cases, there are some in which it’s bad and sometimes even disappointing.

While social media could generate a lot of hype towards your new, upcoming game, as evidenced by all the buzz surrounding Cyberpunk 2077, it may also be the instrument to effectively kill the game’s hype, as evidenced by what retailer Walmart Canada did with Bethesda’s upcoming Rage 2.

Last year, the retailer accidentally leaked a few different games before their official release on E3, much to the chagrin of developers and publishers alike. One of these titles included Rage 2, a sequel to Bethesda’s sleeper title Rage, which was released back in 2011. While this accidental reveal did put a wet blanket on the actual announcement, Bethesda has since worked together with Walmart Canada to spin the incident in a creative – and humorous – way.

Walmart Canada is offering a unique pre-order bonus for Rage 2 buyers in the form of a very special slipcover. It takes the form of that placeholder cover made by the retailer when it was leaked, which features a black background and white text, alongside the special text made by the official Rage 2 Twitter account edited in after the leak. It’s impressive to see both companies trying to turn the unfortunate incident into a viral marketing campaign, and I could definitely see it working to both their favor.

This special copy of Rage 2 is available for pre-order through Walmart Canada’s store for the price of $79.96 and includes other pre-order bonuses such as some exclusive armor. What’s unfortunate is that piece of post-modernist art will only be available through Walmart Canada, so those outside the country will have to wait until it’s sold on eBay.

Rage 2 is only a few weeks away and is set to be released this May 14 on the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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