Puzzle & Dragons Welcomes Back The King Of Fighters

Look who's back!
Look who's back! GungHo Online

Puzzle & Dragons is bringing back The King of Fighters for everyone to enjoy. Players get the chance to show off their best moves as they take on three limited-time dungeons. This collab is offered until November 22.

The return of The King of Fighters means the arrival of new fighters like Geese Howard. Be ready to welcome the iconic New Faces Team trio as well, including Yashiro Nanakase, Shermie, and Chris. Meanwhile, fighters like Kyo Kusaragi and Iori Yagami not only return, but also get strong Reincarnated Evolutions, buffs, and Pixel Evolution. For those who aren’t into the fighting genre, there’s always the NEOGEO mini arcade machine that can be accessed from the Monster Exchange.

Going back to the fighting, these are the three limited-time dungeons:

  • The King of Fighters Special Dungeon
    • Five different difficulties.
    • Two special floors.
      • Players can clear the floors to skill up The King of Fighters Collab characters on their team.
      • The floors are:
        • The King of Fighters Challengers ★ 5
        • The King of Fighters Challengers ★ 6
    • There is an extra level for teams that have four or less members.
      • It rewards a TAMADRA each time a player clears the floor.
    • The Special Dungeon is an excellent place for players looking for The King of Fighters Collab Medal drops.
      • The drops can be traded at the Monster Exchange.
  • The King of Fighters Challenge! Dungeon
    • Rewards players who battle their way through with:
      • An additional pull from The King of Fighters Memorial Egg Machine
      • Two The King of Fighters Collab Medal - Rainbow
  • Multiplayer! The King of Fighters Dungeon
    • ​A three-player multiplayer experience for only the bravest and strongest trios.

Also during this collaboration, players that log-in to Puzzle & Dragons get one free pull from The King of Fighters Memorial Egg Machine. For those who really want to get some collab characters, the following specials are going to be available for purchase for the duration of the collab event:

  • For $19.99 players can buy:
    • 20 Magic Stones.
    • ★ 6 The King of Fighters Egg Machine bundle.
      • The bundle guarantees a ★ 6 Rarity character.
  • For $14.99 players can buy:
    • 15 Magic Stones.
    • The King of Fighters Chris Egg Machine bundle.
      • Guaranteed to have Chris.
    • Special The King of Fighters Orbs Skin when they get Chris for the first time.
  • For $0.99 players can buy:
    • One Magic Stone.
    • The King of Fighters Egg Machine.
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