New Dungeons in Puzzle & Dragons with Street Fighter V

Round 2, fight!
Round 2, fight! Gungho Online

The Puzzle & Dragons collaboration with Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Season 5 has arrived. This isn’t their first collab but the latest sees the return of the likes of Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Zangief, and Akuma. They’re joined by some new fighters like Code, Dan, and Nash. The collaboration started yesterday, May 31, and lasts until June 13.

Limited-Time Dungeons

For this latest collab, players get access to these limited-time dungeons:

  • SFV CE Season 5 Challenge!
    • Gives rewards to players for clearing floors for the first time.
    • Gives one pull from the SFV CE Season 5 Collab Memorial Egg Machine for clearing the dungeon.
  • Street Fighter II
    • A special eight-floor dungeon that recreates Street Fighter II.
    • Clear the dungeon to obtain one pull from the Pixel Street Fighter Egg Machine.
  • Street Fighter V: CE Season 5
    • Gives players a chance to receive unique medals:
      • SFV: AE Event Medal – Bronze
      • SFV: AE Event Medal – Silver
      • SFV: AE Event Medal - Gold
  • Multiplayer! SFV CE Season 5!
    • Players can join forces to take on this three-player multiplayer dungeon.

Magic Stones

The return of SFV allows players to pull from six Magic Stones. In particular, everyone gets one free pull from the SFV CE Season 5 Collab Memorial Egg Machine. For those who want to get limited-time SFV collaboration characters, they can purchase these special bundles:

  • 20 Magic Stones + 6-Star SFV CE Season 5 Collab Egg Machine Bundle: Guarantees a 6-Star Rarity character ($19.99).
  • 15 Magic Stones + Cody Egg Machine Bundle: 6-Star Cody and a special Street Fighter Orb Skin 2 ($14.99).
  • 10 Magic Stones + Ken Egg Machine Bundle: 5-Star Ken and a special Street Fighter Orb Skin ($9.99).
  • 1 Magic Stone + SFV CE Season 5 Collab Egg Machine Bundle: Another pull from the SFV CE Season 5 Collab Egg Machine ($0.99).

Egg Machines

Below are the fighters that players can get from Egg Machines:

  • 6 Stars
    • Cody (New!)
    • Nash (New!)
    • Ryu
    • Chun-Li
    • M. Bison
    • Guile
    • Akuma
    • Sakura Kasugano
    • Sagat
    • Karin Kanzuki
  • 5 Stars
    • Dan (New!)
    • Cammy
    • Ken
    • Vega
    • R. Mika
    • Zangief
    • Dhalsim
    • Balrog
    • Blanka
    • Alex

Get all the details of this new collab here.

Puzzle & Dragons is a mobile game that combines dungeon-crawling, puzzle, and monster-collecting. The game has players capture, collect, and evolve elemental monsters. It’s available on the App Store, Google Play, and Amazon Appstore.

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