PUBG Update 6.2 Adds PS4 And Xbox One Cross-Play

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PUBG Cross-Play
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A few days ago, PUBG released patch 6.2 for PC, introducing a new team deathmatch mode to the game. The update is expected to arrive on the PS4 and Xbox One very soon, and is currently available to try out on the Public Test Server.

Apart from all the goodies that the patch is bringing to the game, it will also enable players to make cross-platform parties. This means that both PS4 and Xbox One players can team up together before starting a match.

Even though cross-play has been available in the game for some time, this new cross-play feature is quite different and it will make it much easier for players across the two console platforms to team up together without any barriers. Earlier, PUBG matches usually included players from either of the two consoles, but one could only party up with a friend who is playing on the same platform. With patch 6.2, this restriction will be lifted.

Speaking of the new team deathmatch mode, it's an event that will see two teams of eight duke it out, with gunfights taking place across seven different maps pulled from PUBG's four BR maps. It is said that each of these seven maps is expected to offer a unique TDM experience, featuring long-range shootouts, CQB, and much more.

While the normal BR mode involves players dropping in on the map and scavenging for better loot, the TDM mode allows players to spawn with one of eight different loadouts. These include weapons like DMRs, SMGs, and Shotguns. You will also be able to change your loadouts between games and when you respawn in the battle, the changes will be reflected.

Here are the full patch notes for Team Deathmatch in patch 6.2:

Rules of Team Deathmatch

  • 8 vs 8
  • FPP only
  • Spawn Kits enabled
  • Open the map to select your weapon Spawn Kit
  • Respawns enabled
  • Respawn 5 seconds after each death
  • Players respawn close to friendly players if the location is safe
  • Players will be briefly invulnerable after respawning
  • DBNO disabled
  • No knockdowns
  • Friendly Fire disabled
  • Kills and assists fill your boost gauge
  • After not taking damage for 5 seconds, your health will begin to regenerate, whilst also depleting your boost gauge
  • Players cannot reconnect to TDM matches.
  • Unfortunately, this includes accidentally leaving the match or crashing

Win Conditions

  • First team to reach 50 kills, or the highest kills after 10 minutes wins the round
  • 2 round wins secures the match victory


  • BP will be rewarded based on your individual score
  • No Survivor Pass XP is received
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