PUBG: Update 14.2 Introduces a New Taego Weapon and More

PUBG Update 14.2
PUBG Update 14.2 Steam

Update 14.2 for PUBG is now live, and it introduced a new weapon exclusive to Taego. There is also a new grenade launcher that you can use to your advantage. Read on to find out what this update has in store for you.

New Weapons

Developers always try to improve the game in more ways than one. Update 14.2 added a new weapon called Mortar, which is only available in the Taego map.

The mortar provides excellent firepower but it takes three seconds for you to set it up. During this time, you are vulnerable to incoming fire, so it is best that you pick the right spot before deploying it.

Bear in mind that the mortar cannot be deployed on iron, concrete, cement, inside buildings, wooden floors, and water.

Once activated, you're immediately switched to crouch position and you cannot move while in firing mode. You must have ammo in your inventory to fire and there is also a split-second delay before you can launch the next shot.

The mortar is usable in Normal, Custom, and Custom with Sandbox Mode. It cannot be used in Ranked play in Season 14.

Another weapon introduced in Update 14.2 is the M79. Unlike the mortar, this small grenade launcher can be used across all eight maps. The good thing is this uses your pistol slot, letting you use your favorite weapon without worry.

Take note that the M79 only launches smoke grenades. It doesn’t deal damage but it can certainly help you in some situations.

DBNO Swimming

Previously, those who are in a Down But Not Out (DBNO) status would instantly die while they are in the water. Now, you can enter DBNO swimming mode to let you swim to shore so that your teammates can revive you.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind. The first is you can only swim at half the normal speed. Second, you continuously lose HP while in DBNO, so it is best that you ask for help from your team as soon as possible. Third, you cannot be revived underwater, but you can be resuscitated when you are floating.


There is a new creature added to the Taego Map and that is the chicken. Now, you might think that the developers are making fun of you, but do not underestimate this seemingly harmless animal.

You see, while they cannot deal damage, they can alert the enemy- thereby “clucking up” your chances at stealth. It has three states: Calm, Fear, and Death.

When the chicken is calm, it will do what a normal chicken would do. But, once it is startled, it will try to run away in fear. This happens when it hears footsteps, gunshots, and other loud noises. Sadly, the chicken can also die once it is hit.

PUBG Update 14.2 is now available on PS4, Xbox One, Google Stadia, Android, iOS, and PC.

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