PUBG: Update 13.1 Improves Taego and Balances Select Weapons

Update 13.1
Update 13.1 Steam

PUBG Update 13.1 is now available and the developers have introduced a lot of new things, such as improvements to the Taego map, as well as some changes to weapons.

Taego: More Care Packages

The Taego map was introduced in Update 12.2 and it was well-received by the community. Because of the positive feedback, developers understand that the care packages dropped on the map from time to time are not enough. That is why they’re dropping additional care packages for everyone.

There will still be a standard care package that has the bulk of the goodies, but the devs have included small care packages as well. They will drop at random, so players would have to be on the lookout to take advantage of what’s inside.

In addition, the small care packages can also be used as a hardcover against enemy fire, which will definitely be handy in certain situations.

To Jump Early or Not?

PUBG is already exciting as it is, but to add more fun, the devs have implemented an emergency landing procedure whenever an engine failure occurs.

Players will have to stay alert and listen to the flight crew’s instructions. There are three things to do here: Players can jump early and take advantage of the current altitude to travel farther. They can also opt to jump off a bit later but as the altitude decreases, so is the travel distance.

Lastly, players can decide not to jump off at all. They will still survive the fall, yet they will take 50% damage at the end of the flight.

Weapon Balance

It is common in a battle royale game for players to favor some weapons more than others. After checking the data, devs have found that DMRs (Designated Marksman Rifles) are over-performing and are almost on par with SRs (Sniper Rifles) in long-range combat.

To make the distinction between the two weapon types more pronounced, some DMRs like the QBU, Mini 14, and SLR, have their damage coefficient reduced. That is on top of the increased bullet drop at long ranges.

To make sniper rifles more appealing at long distances, the ballistics and other mechanics have been adjusted.

As for the other weapons, like Assault Rifles (AR), Light Machine Guns (LMG), and Sub-machine Guns (SMG), expect some adjustments to recoil and damage output.

Other Notable Changes

PUBG School Look
PUBG School Look Steam

Players need to be aware that the devs have implemented a huge change in Ranked Mode in Season 13. Once players achieve the Diamond rank and have not played for seven straight days, they will start to receive RP decay daily.

In previous updates, the decay would only stop at the Diamond threshold of 3,000 RP. But now, the decay would go even further and would only stop once the player gets demoted to the previous rank: Platinum.

Aside from that, new skins are available in the game, such as the Progressive Weapon skin for the Buzzkill SLR and the School Look.

The patch notes for Update 13.1 are exhaustive but you can go on Steam if you want to learn more.

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