PUBG Launching the Tutorials Mode in Patch 15.2

Practice a bit before joining the action.
Practice a bit before joining the action. Krafton

PUBG: Battlegrounds is introducing a new mode for players to enjoy. This aims to offer a richer gameplay experience not only for newbies but even for returning players. Two in-game tutorial modes give players a step-by-step process on how to jump in a fight.

This first is Basic Training Mode which has players go through these five stages:

  • Basic character movements
  • Looting and shooting guns
  • Looting and throwing throwables
  • Using healing items
  • Reviving knocked down teammate

Both new and returning players need to finish this mode if they want to move to the AI Training Match tutorial. Current players can also access this mode and is a good option for those who need more practice.

Get a Feel of the Game

For the AI Training Match, players face 99 bots to get a feel of how an actual normal match plays out. It's limited to the Erangel map and only supports TPP. Other details are:

  • During each situation and phase, messages pop up in the upper left corner of the screen to guide players on what to do.
  • Players can complete this mode by meeting any of these conditions:
    • Play 10 AI Training Matches.
      • Players must play longer than a certain time for each match to be counted.
    • Complete every mission.
      • Players can find the mission list in the game mode selection screen and/or in the System Menu.
  • Current players can play as many as 10 AI Training Matches per account.
  • New and returning players who complete this mode before playing all 10 matches can still play the remaining matches left.
  • AI Training Matches won't affect/provide:
    • Career (Stats/Match History/Medals/Survival/Weapons/Replays)
    • Pass Missions
    • Event Missions
    • Battlestat
    • BP Rewards
    • XP Rewards
    • Custom Match

Lobby Tutorial Missions

Once players are done with the two tutorials, there are extra missions that can help them get used to the game. Details of this feature are:

  • Players can check the Events page to see their mission lists and each mission’s progress.
  • All missions are automatically accepted.
  • Players who complete the missions receive various rewards.
  • Once players receive every reward, the mission list disappears.
  • Lobby tutorial missions and their rewards are only provided once per account.

Read more about what's coming with Patch 15.2 here.

PUBG: Battlegrounds is going for the free-to-play route starting January 12. The game is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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