PUBG Testing Upcoming Changes For Vikendi Map

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Changes coming to Vikendi.
Changes coming to Vikendi. PUBG

When PUBG launched Season 6, the Vikendi map took a step back in order to put the spotlight on the new Karakin map. However, Vikendi wasn't taking a break for no reason. Behind the scenes, the team at PUBG made some changes that include modifying the terrain, improving the Dinopark, and even putting in trains that actually travel around the map.

With this in mind, PUBG is giving its official Partners the chance to try out these new enhancements before it puts on the finishing touches.

Indeed, once the new version of Vikendi is officially live, players will definitely notice the different changes. As already mentioned, trains have been added to the map along with new railroads. Instead of simply being Dinopark, it's now been expanded to what is now called Dinoland. That should make for some interesting battles.

In addition to Dinoland, Abbey has been modified as well along with Tovar and Movatra. In terms of terrain changes, a large amount of snow on the map has either been reduced or removed completely.

To determine if the changes make for a better map, PUBG Partners are going to be given the chance to test it within their community. These partners are going to get access to the updated map in custom matches on the PUBG Test Server. PUBG did announce that they are also going to host games for all players to try out the updated map as well.

The Partner Test Period begins on March 6 at 2:00 a.m. EST and ends on March 9 at 2:00 a.m. EST.

For those interested in joining, simply login to the PUBG Test Server and join the custom match hosted by your favorite PUBG Partner. Don't forget to send feedback on your experience with the updated map.

PUBG Season 6 was released in January and the highlight was the 2x2 km island known as Karakin. With its rocky environments, the map allows for challenging engagements. Karakin, in essence, has the pace of Sanhok combined with the tension of Miramar. The Karakin map also comes with a twist, the layout changes every new match.

PUBG is available for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. A free-to-play version was also released for the mobile platform.

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