PUBG Is Suffering From Performance Issues And DDOS Attacks

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The last few months haven’t been kind to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. The game has been suffering from multiple issues like crashing, stuttering, and cheaters. Some of these issues started with the release of Season 6, while others are even older. Yesterday, developers at PUBG Corp released a blog post where they revealed the reasons behind these issues and their plans to fix them. Deathmatch issues in Arcade mode have been “mostly resolved” since January, but performance issues have been rising.

"The difficult part is that some of these issues are impacting specific hardware, or happen in unique situations which are difficult to reproduce," reads the update. "To improve performance issues, which have to track down the specific cause, which often means needing to reproduce the specific steps leading to the issue."

Another thing that is making the lives of PUBG players difficult is DDOS attacks. In November, players saw a heavy rise in such attacks, and then again this month. When developers tried to solve this issue they unintentionally caused more performance issues.

"While testing various DDoS defense solutions from external infrastructure providers, server locations were often located far away from standard locations, which resulted in increased ping and other network issues for some players," it explains. "Additionally, many players have suffered constant packet loss issues due to the experimental DDoS defense solutions deployed by these providers."

Some solutions that were adopted by PUBG Corp were effective. DDoS attacks have been reduced by 85 percent. Developers also claimed that they have multiple internal teams and "external resources" which they are using to combat cheating. In the coming months, PUBG Corp will reveal more information regarding their plans to combat cheating via a roadmap or a community letter.

Even after all of these issues, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is still going strong. According to SteamDB, PUBG saw a rise in concurrent players in November and December. As of now, the game has over 250,000 concurrent players.

So what do you think? Are you playing PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds nowadays? Or are you waiting for developers to resolve technical issues first? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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