PUBG: Pick'em Challenge is Back for PNC 2022

Time to pick and win.
Time to pick and win. Krafton

The Pick’em Challenge is back again, and this time for the PUBG Nations Cup 2022. The challenge gives fans the chance to earn in-game rewards by correctly guessing the outcome of the matches throughout the tournament. In addition, players can now purchase PUBG: Battlegrounds exclusive PNC 2022-themed items.

The PUBG Nations Cup 2022 has 16 national teams fighting for a share of the $500,000 prize pool. The tournament will be held in Bangkok, Thailand, from June 16 to June 19. Read more about the tournament here.

Before the tourney starts, there will be a media day live-streamed on June 15 at 4:30 AM EST through PUBG Esports YouTube and PUBG Twitch.

For PNC 2022, fans can vote for teams that they think will win matches to earn Esports Points (EP). Earned EPs can be exchanged for exclusive PNC 2022 gear in the in-game store.

Like the Pick‘em Challenges in the past, fans must have voting coupons to vote on the outcome. To get voting coupons, players need to buy thematic PNC items or use codes that appear during a PNC broadcast. Each fan can vote a maximum of seven times and earn 100,000 EP per correct selection.

There are also other ways fans can get voting coupons and EP, including:

  • Watch Live Stream
    • Throughout official PNC 2022 live streams, special codes will be shared that grant free voting coupons.
    • These codes are only available during the first day of PNC 2022.
    • Players can also earn a free voting coupon by visiting the in-game event tab, clicking on the “Join Event” button, and completing the in-game missions.
  • Twitch Drops
    • During the tournament, players and fans can tune in to the official PUBG Twitch broadcast to get free EP drops.
    • Viewers must have a KRAFTON ID linked to their platform and Twitch Account to receive drops.
  • Pick & Go Bingo
    • Viewers can participate in Pick & Go Bingo at the official PUBG Esports Twitch channel.
    • They can compete with nine other players randomly matched with them from the chat for the chance to earn free EPs.
    • Participants earn points each time their selected teams eliminate other players' teams.
    • If all teams placed in a straight line earn a point, it’s bingo.
    • Each bingo grants bonus points.
  • Nations Cup Fantasy League
    • The official PUBG Nations Cup 2022 Fantasy League is a new way to earn PNC 2022 gear.
    • Just register or sign in to an existing account to build a team and earn points as rosters of players compete in PNC 2022.
    • The top 10 participants in the Fantasy League are awarded G-Coin and more.

Items for Sale

PNC 2022-themed in-game items are available for PC players to purchase from June 8 to June 17, while console players can do the same from June 16 to June 29. Thirty percent of the net sales will be contributed to the overall prize pool and distributed to participating teams.

The PNC 2022-themed items available for sale are:

  • PNC 2022 All-in-one Bundle
  • PNC 2022 Hotstreak Hat
  • PNC 2022 Hotstreak Jacket
  • PNC 2022 Hotstreak Legs
  • PNC 2022 Hotstreak Boots
  • PNC 2022 Hotstreak - M416
  • PNC 2022 Dance - Champion's Struggle + 5 Voting Coupons
  • PNC 2022 Tech Vest (Level 2) (EP ITEM)

PUBG: Battlegrounds is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia, Android, and iOS.

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