PUBG's New Survival Mastery Progression System Now On Test Server

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New progression system to be introduced.
New progression system to be introduced. PUBG

PUBG is all set to introduce the new Survival Mastery progression system. The goal with this system is to improve non-lethal skills of players. Players can test this new feature at the PUBG Test Server.

So what is this new system all about? Well, it is a progression system where players gain XP based on their survival patterns. Specifically XP is earned through these situations:

  • Looting
  • Using items during combat
  • Combat
  • Reviving a teammate

This system operates all the time and is not going to be affected by the seasons. Survival Mastery level cap is set at 500. The Survival Mastery system serves as the companion system to the Weapon Mastery.

In order to track how good players are at survival, a match summary timeline shows all survival actions performed in a match. Players can do this by going to Mastery then the Last Match tab in the menu. Along with the XP earning activities, these activities are also going to be shown on the timeline:

  • Landing point
  • Location where players perform certain actions
  • Damage dealt and received
  • Distance a player travels using vehicles
  • Surviving Blue Zone phases
Last match stats.
Last match stats. PUBG

Meanwhile, through the Mastery > Survival tab players can check their survival playstyle and compare how they fare with other players. Information analyzed includes:

  • Average engagement length
  • Average engagement distance
  • Items looted per game
  • Distance traveled per game
  • Hot drop rate
  • Damage taken per game

It should be noted though that only the three most prominent traits are going to be displayed.

Mastery Survival tab.
Mastery Survival tab. PUBG

PUBG is also going to introduce a system that allows players to express themselves and not only show their progression, but also their Survival Mastery rewards. The PUBG ID now shows the Survival Mastery Level, Player ID, Emblem, Background, and Poses. A summary or detailed recap is also going to be made available. Players can view and change the information from the Mastery > Survival tab. In addition, players are going to be able to see other players' PUBG ID in these cases:

  • Teammate from the previous match
  • Player you killed and the player who killed you

New Weapon and Shotgun Rebalance

It's not all Survival Mastery as PUBG is also set to introduce the DBS weapon. This double barrel pump-action bullpup shotgun can be initially obtained through Care Packages and comes with two internal magazine tubes that allows the user to load up to fourteen 12-gauge rounds.

This upcoming update is also introducing a rebalance to the shotgun family. In particular, players can expect:

  • Improved shotgun consistency
    • Hit probability increased, especially in medium shotgun range
    • Damage drop-off over distance increased
    • Minimum per pellet damage within effective range of each shotgun increased to 4
      • Except the Sawed-Off, which is 3
      • All shotguns fire 9 pellets total per round
  • Adjusted shotgun balance
    • All shotgun pellets now use more realistic ballistic curves (speed decrease over time)
    • All shotguns had their recoil effects updated
    • Damage multiplier changes
      • Headshot: From 1.5 to 1.2
      • Torso: From 1.0 to 0.9
    • S686
      • Maximum effective range set to 80 m
      • Increased reload speed by 20%
    • S1897
      • Maximum effective range set to 80 m
      • Pump action speed increased by 20%
      • Pump action will no longer temporarily un-ADS the player
    • Sawed-Off
      • Maximum effective range set to 80 m
      • Maximum increased probability range set to 50 m
      • Increased number of pellets fired to 9
      • Decreased damage per pellet from 22 to 20
    • Duckbill attachment: Pellet spread multiplier increased from 0.8 to 1.0

You can view the other changes to be introduced here.

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