PUBG: The McLaren GT Makes its Way to Battlegrounds

Fight in style.
Fight in style. Krafton

A new collaboration is now live in PUBG: Battlegrounds, best described as surprising and amusing. That's because it's with none other than McLaren. Through this collab, players can now buy McLaren vehicle skins as Special Skins and use them on their Coupe RB. By the way, the original features of the Coupe RB won't be affected by the McLaren skins.

McLaren Container

There's also the McLaren Container. This is a special container that spawns in each starting point of Erangel, Miramar, Taego, Sanhok, Vikendi, and Deston. These special containers open up to reveal a vehicle with a McLaren skin equipped. Other details of these special containers are:

  • Only players who own a McLaren vehicle skin can interact with these containers.
  • Only the player who opens the container and/or their teammates can ride and drive the McLaren vehicle.
  • Players may interact with these containers until they board the plane.
  • Containers and the McLaren vehicle are removed once a match starts.
  • The McLaren containers are available to use for three months.

It's safe to say that the Vehicle Skin System update could be the reason why the collab was possible. After all, this new system allows players to choose special vehicle skins for a fancier experience. Two new categories are added: Basic Skins and Special Skins.

Crafter Pass

Going back to this new collab, there's now the Crafter Pass available for PC players from September 6 to November 1 and from September 15 to November 9 for console players. It allows players to experience the Workshop feature, where the main rewards include usable items for McLaren Workshop.

There are two types available:

  • Crafter Pass: McLaren Token and Level Pack (3270 G-Coin)
    • Crafter Pass: McLaren (Premium)
    • 30 Levels
    • 100 McLaren Token
  • Crafter Pass: McLaren Token Pack (990 G-Coin)
    • Crafter Pass: McLaren (Premium)
    • 100 McLaren Token

Other details of this Crafter Pass include:

  • Clear daily, weekly, season, and achievement missions and obtain McLaren Tokens and craft McLaren items.
  • Be sure to use up obtained McLaren Tokens before their expiry date:
    • November 7 for PC.
    • November 14 for Console.
    • Expired McLaren Tokens are removed from the Inventory and cannot be used/exchanged/refunded.
  • ​McLaren tokens are rewarded as bonus rewards from level 50.
    • Bonus level rewards (level 51 and above): McLaren token
    • Requirements: All players who have the Premium Pass.

Learn more about the collab with McLaren here. PUBG: Battlegrounds is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia, Android, and iOS.

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