PUBG Global Championships 2022: Natus Vincere Takes the Crown

Welcome the champions!
Welcome the champions! Krafton

After almost a month of battles, the smoke has finally settled. Standing tall on top of everyone else and declared the PUBG Global Championship 2022 champion is none other than Natus Vincere. With the win, they bring home a little over $1 million with Artem "xmpl" Adarkin named as MVP and awarded $10,000.

The team had a slow start with mixed results during PUBG Continental Series 6: Europe and PUBG Continental Series 7: Europe. However, their journey to the championship started to form with consistent performances in G-Loot - Season 5 and Season 6. This allowed Na'Vi to get sixth place in the region and qualify for PGC 2022.

At PGC 2022, Na'Vi got a good start with a first place finish in the group stage. It wasn't easy though considering that they were only ahead by three points against YAHO, which came in second; New Happy, which finished third, also was close. One of the reasons for the placement was the excellent performance by xmpl, who had the second-highest number of kills on the server.

Up next was the Winner's Bracket and this time, the team performed a lot better. Over 10 games, they managed to get three Chicken Dinners, and because of this, the team obtained a first place finish during the Winner's Bracket.

Winning first place in the group stage and the Winner's Bracket was impressive because Na'Vi became the first team to win both.

Grand Finals

There's no question that Na'Vi headed to the Grand Finals with momentum and high expectations. However, they would actually have a hard time. Heading to the last day, the team was not just in fifth place but also trailing the top team by more than 40 points.

Yet the team managed to get a comeback on the last day. By winning the first and third games of the day, they became one of the contenders for the top spot along with Twisted Minds and 17 GAMING. Fortunately, those two teams were eliminated ahead of Na'Vi. At this time, it was clear who was going to be the champion but the team sealed the deal by winning the final game.

What about you? What was your favorite part of the PGC 2022?

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