PUBG Console Players Can Expect Faster Loading Times

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The PUBG Console Team has released updates related to the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game. The update revolves around three key areas: map selection, rendering, and hitching/freezing.

The team revealed that for quite some time, they have been focused on improving not only the rendering, but also the world loading. In fact, the team reminded everyone that they have been mentioning this concern in previous posts. The reality is that this is a complex issue to solve given the large amount of data needed to compute on all maps.

One solution implemented was to lower the data sizes of all the maps. This resulted in speeding up the loading times to a faster rate. The team said that through this optimization, they know that loading speed will improve and produce fewer “playdough” architecture issues. It should also result in more fully rendered buildings.

When the Vikendi map was introduced, it changed how players could select maps. The community feedback has not been good, and that the change was not accepted or enjoyed by many players. Given this feedback, the team introduced changes for map selection.

According to the team, there are a number of different ways to play PUBG considering the perspectives, regions, and maps. It was important to balance the need to drop into a map on-demand and the need to minimize the time it takes for matchmaking. The team has continued to work on improving the map selection not only for the console platform, but for the PC as well. While there is no final decision on the long-term action needed, the team revealed that they needed to move forward with the changes for the console community, based mainly on suggestions and feedback.

For the “Featured Map” selection system, PUBG now changes periodically between Sanhok and Erangel. Under standard, it will have the remaining maps.

For hitching/freezing issues, players have been experiencing problems while looting during the early game. However, because of player feedback, the team has been able to identify and eventually solve the issue.

The hotfix for the hitching/freezing issues was officially rolled out April 25 at 10:00 p.m. EDT. The Featured Map system was rolled out at the same time.

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