PUBG Introduces Weapon Mastery For PC, Xbox And PS4 Versions Still in Development

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Weapon Mastery
Weapon Mastery PUBG

PUBG revealed that its Weapon Mastery progression system is now available. This newest weapon progression comes courtesy of Update #28. Currently Weapons Mastery is solely available for the PC. Weapons Mastery for Xbox and PS4 is still in development.

Under this weapon progression system, players are able to increase levels through gaining weapon XP. The XP gained is based on the weapon used. The weapon mastery is available at all times and not affected by the seasons. A maximum of level 100 is given for each weapon.

Weapon Progression
Weapon Progression PUBG

With the Weapon Mastery, players can go to the lobby and check their weapon use information as well as last match result. The lobby also shows players the rewards received so far.

A new concept being introduced with Weapon Mastery is called Defeat. A player Defeats another players by:

  • Killing any player in the solo playlists
  • Knocking down any enemy in duo or squad playlists
  • Killing the last man standing on a team in duo or squad playlists

Note that a player does not defeat a player by killing an already knocked player in duo or squad playlists. Of course, it’s not possible for players to defeat their own teammates. In addition, a Defeat follows the existing judgment rules for DBNO/Kills currently used in the game.

That said, in order to earn Weapon XP players need to satisfy at least one of these elements during a match:

  • Damage
  • Headshots
  • Defeats
    • Players can acquire extra weapon XP based on distance of defeats.
  • When earning Weapon XP, the amount received will increase based on how long you survived.

Players should keep in mind that Weapon Mastery does not count:

  • friendly fire/team damage;
  • downs caused by road kills or environmental factors (blue zone, red zone, fall damage, or drowning); or
  • throwables or melee damage.

Three rewards are offered with Weapon Mastery, charms, medals, and tier emblems.

Charms PUBG


Charms are accessories that can be equipped to weapons and can be used with any weapon skins. New charms can be achieved every five levels per weapon. Acquired charms can be unlocked or equipped using the rewards page. Any charms that are equipped to weapons can be seen in-game. Charms cannot be sold, traded, or even exchanged for BP.

Medals PUBG


Medals serve to highlight the accomplishments players obtained using their weapons. Medals can be earned multiple times.

Emblems PUBG

Tier Emblems

Emblems are equivalent to the level brackets achieved per each weapon with a maximum of 10 tiers.

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