PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Update 18.2 Adds New Map and Multiple New Features


PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS recently received a new update that added a new map, new features, and much more.

New Map

This update brings the game’s ninth map called Deston. It’s an 8x8 kilometer-sized map with a near-future ravaged theme. The map has a lot to offer from a flooded downtown with one of the tallest skyscrapers to other natural places like mountains and islands.

There are some points of interest on the map, such as:

  • Ripton
  • Swamp
  • Concert
  • Hydroelectric Dam
  • Assembly
  • Arena

New Feature

The developers added Fuel Pumps into the game in this update. Have you ever been on a chase or tried running away from enemies to only run out of gas? Well, now you can avoid it by refueling your vehicle in the Fuel Pump. These pumps will only be available in Deston, and they can also be used for killing enemies. Dealing damage to the health of these pumps will cause them to explode.

Refilling gas can leave you vulnerable, so make sure there aren’t enemies nearby or you'll be in trouble.


Bug Fixes
  • Training Mode 1v1 Arena fixes
    • Removed related camera renderings as players could not enter spectator mode when a player dies per round.
    • Fixed the issue where the player was not visible in spectator mode when participating in an arena match through certain steps.
    • Spectating is now unavailable after a participant dies in a 1v1 Arena match.
    • Removed Report Player UI from the match result screen after a 1v1 Arena match.
    • Fixed the temporary freeze issue when moving on to the next round.
    • Fixed an issue where a player who died in the third round would enter spectator view of the spectating players.
    • Fixed the issue where you could exit to the lobby from the match results screen after you die during a match.
    • Fixed the stuttering issue when moving on to the next round.
  • Fixed the issue of the moving Mirado and Pony Coupe even after parking.
  • Fixed the issue of the incorrect interaction animation being shown of a teammate using a Drone.
  • Fixed the issue of being unable to select certain Spawn Kit categories in Arcade Mode – TDM after setting language to Russian.

You can read more about the update here.

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