PUBG Studios Launching New Free-to-Play Title on Android & iOS This Year

A new ftp game is coming.
A new ftp game is coming. PUBG

PUBG Studio announced the release of a new free-to-play title for both iOS and Android. Titled PUBG: New State, the game has been optimized for the mobile platform to ensure it can offer the complete battle royale experience for everyone.

Much like the original PUBG, this new title features the same combat experience, one that’s pretty easy to learn but rather difficult to master. However, players can expect a full immersive battle experience with the Global Illumination rendering technology.

The Story

PUBG: New State is set in 2051, years after the original game. Here, players get to discover a new battleground known as TROI. Players get to learn more about how everything has changed. Helping them ease into this new setting are the different landmarks that have their own unique characteristics. That’s not all as the new environment offers objects that players can interact with. This should be interesting especially with what strategies can be devised.

New Features

As a new title, PUBG: New State offers several new features. There’s the in-game weapon customization where players can come up with their own weapons through customization kits. These kits allow changes to weapons, such as fire mode selection, performance enhancement, and even grenade launcher attachments.

Other new features include combat rolls and the use of drones. There’s also the ballistic shield that can surely help any team endure fights. Plus, players can enjoy multiple new vehicles that they can use to explore more of what 8x8 open worlds have to offer.

PUBG: New State Executive Producer MinKyu Park shared in a statement, considering the success and support that the previous games had, they are excited to introduce a new title in the franchise. He added that they wanted to build on that particular legacy while offering an experience of what the mobile platform can do.

Meanwhile, KRAFTON CEO CH Kim said that they hope this new title would be able to offer the same premier gameplay experience.

Pre-registration for Android is already live. For iOS, pre-registration is set sometime this year. There will be alpha tests as well but more details are to be released at a later date.

What do you think? Is this a good move from PUBG Studios?

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