PS5 Game Event Confirmed For June 4

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Sony has officially confirmed that it will be unveiling a bunch of PlayStation 5 games on June 4 during an online event. The company has stated that the event will focus only on those games that are set to release during the upcoming Holiday season. The event will be at least an hour long and begins at 4:00 PM EST on June 4.

The announcement was first made on social media and the official PlayStation blog. Sony calls this event "The Future of Gaming".

"The games coming to PS5 represent the best in the industry from innovative studios that span the globe," the president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Jim Ryan, stated in the post. He also added that the PS5 event will feature games from studios large and small, new and old, that all showcase "the potential of the [PS5] hardware." He continued by saying that not having a physical event has allowed the team to come up with different and creative ways to present their games and that multiple events will follow after The Future of Gaming event.

However, Ryan hasn't stated whether the event will show off Sony's first-party games. He hasn't shared any news regarding this topic, but he hasn't said that first-party games won't be shown either. PlayStation fans should already be hyped for the event since it's just a few days away. We'll get to gawk at 60+ minutes of gameplay reveals and get even more hyped up for future events.

There were already several rumors circulating stating that a PlayStation 5 event was going to take place in June. Funnily enought, the first rumors hinted at June 4 as the date and others said that it would June 3.

You can check out The Future of Gaming event on PlayStation's official streaming options, including Twitch and YouTube.

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