PS4 Update 4.50 Release Date: External HDD Support Is Almost Here

Update 4.50 for the PS4 is coming tomorrow Sony

According to a post on the PS4 subreddit, Update 4.50 will release tomorrow, March 7. This news comes from an email conversation reddit user Finch-Tech had with a PlayStation Support Specialist.

The email confirming tomorrow's 4.50 release Photo: Finch-Tech

The direct quote from the image above is “With the release of System Software 4.50 tomorrow, there will be a patch to version 2.40 of the PS VR firmware. I do not have specifics on what the patch contains, outside of support for 3D Blu-Rays.”

While we may not know what is in the PSVR 2.40 update, we do know what’s coming in the PS4 4.50 update, and it’s a ton of great features. The biggest one is the inclusion of external HDD support. It will be possible to plug in an external hard drive up to 8TB in size, and games and apps can be directly installed to the external drive. Just a heads up, only USB 3.0 external drives will work.

Additionally, users will be able to transform in-game screenshots into custom wallpapers. The home screen can be customized with drop-shadows on text and the option to dim the Function Area if the screenshot chosen is bright. It’s also possible to edit the screenshots in Sharefactory before setting them as a wallpaper, to get the image looking just right.

Other features coming to PS4 with the firmware update include changes for the Quick Menu and the Notifications list. The Notifications list has taken the Game Alerts, Downloads, Uploads and other tabs and combined them all into one catch-all Notifications list. The Quick Menu has also been trimmed down and simplified, and takes up less space on the screen.

Sony has yet to make an official announcement about the release, but it seems like one will be coming soon. We’ll update the story once Sony has released a statement.

So what do you think? Are you excited to use an external drive with your PS4? What other features would you like to see get added in a future update? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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