PS4 Continues Its Dominance With 100 Million Consoles Sold

The console has also outpaced the PS2 and the Wii in terms of how fast it reached the big 100.
PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console
PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console Sony

Whatever your opinion is, one thing is very clear: Sony and PlayStation have dominated this generation, absolutely gaining a clear upper hand over competitors Microsoft and Nintendo. With the release of the company’s latest financial results report, Sony is looking to cement that title and drive it home even further, as the PlayStation 4 has now crossed a legendary threshold with 100 million units shipped in total.

The milestone was noted by Daniel Ahmad, Senior Analyst at Niko Partners on Twitter. It’s noted that a total of 3.2 million more consoles has been shipped during the latest quarter, from April to June 30. Check out the original tweet below.

Ahmad has also noted some very interesting information about this milestone for the PlayStation 4. It seems that Sony’s eighth-gen console is the fastest home console to ever hit the big 100. It outpaced both the PlayStation 2 and the Nintendo Wii, two consoles that also reached the milestone – the PlayStation 2 took a total of five years and nine months to reach 100 million, while the PlayStation 4 did so in just five years and seven months.

Originally released back in November of 2013, the PlayStation 4 will be six years old later this year, and as it nears the end of its lifetime all eyes will be drawn to its successor – the upcoming PlayStation 5. Mark Cerny, Sony’s lead architect for its consoles, has already noted some specs we should look out for with this new console, including the addition of an SSD, a more powerful AMD processor and graphics processing unit, and full backwards compatibility with PlayStation 4 titles, among others.

All of this said, and with all the hype that’s being generated with the upcoming next-gen console, it will be interesting to see if Sony will continue this kind of dominance coming into another chapter of the console wars. Microsoft has been upping their game recently in terms of acquiring first-party titles for the Xbox and Windows PC, and Nintendo’s unique approach to consoles is gaining a lot of traction. These aspects should make the next generation very interesting for all of gaming, and only time will tell if Sony can actually capitalize on their massive success with the PS4.

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