Amazon Prime Day - 5 Hot Deals On The Best Headsets For Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch And Mobile Devices

Whatever console you're on, there's a Prime Day deal waiting for you and your headset of choice.
Amazon's Prime Day brings forth some great deals on headsets for all of your consoles, so be sure to check it out here.
Amazon's Prime Day brings forth some great deals on headsets for all of your consoles, so be sure to check it out here. Amazon

One of Amazon’s biggest sales of the year is once again upon us, bringing with it deals like no other for thousands of different choices for every kind of gamer there is. Prime Day 2019 officially started yesterday, and will run for the rest of today, July 16, which is the prime time to take a gander at what you’re missing in your different game collections, be it titles, accessories, and other peripherals.

For this edition, we’ll be taking a look at some of the best offerings this Prime Day for console headphones, all of which offer amazing sound and voice quality for a different kind of gaming experience altogether. Whether you’re playing on a PlayStation 4, an Xbox One, or a Nintendo Switch, these headphones are sure to check all those criteria you’re keeping for what you want when it comes to the listening experience you associate with your games.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best deals on gaming headphones for consoles this Prime Day.

SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless Gaming Headset

SteelSeries’ Arctis lineup continues to prove that it’s one of the best brands you go to for when you want a serious gaming headset, and nowhere is that more evident than with the Arctis Pro Wireless, the brand’s best in class when it comes to wireless high-fidelity gaming audio system. However, that premium comes at a pretty steep price, although the Prime Day deal may help soften the blow a bit if you consider it. The Arctis Pro Wireless features seamless compatibility for the PlayStation 4, which makes this one of the best, if not the best pair of wireless gaming headsets available for the console.

The Arctis Pro Wireless features a dual-wireless technology that provides a rock solid, 2.4G wireless lossless audio for gaming, as well as Bluetooth connectivity for mobile devices, making it a great choice for a lot of platforms. The hi-res speakers are powered by premium high-density neodymium magnets that reproduce a full, expansive frequency range from 10 – 40,000 Hz with stunning realism and clarity. For the price you pay, you also get an extra battery unit, as the Arctis Pro Wireless features swappable batteries. This is a great feature that should be utilized in more headsets, as it essentially lengthens the longevity of a device of this caliber.

Razer Kraken Tournament Edition

Outside of looking good, Razer is quite competitive when it comes to their proper lineup of headsets that are bolstered by great ergonomics and decent sound quality. The Kraken Tournament Edition, for instance, when compared to the Arctis Pro Wireless, won’t break your bank by that much, and in return you get a consistently good sound quality thanks to some very nifty features included in the built-in software for the device.

The Kraken Tournament Edition offers full audio control through included THX Spatial Audio, which increases overall immersion, controls both volume and bass levels, and even lets you configure the game/chat balance for a personalized experience unique to every user. This is in addition to the very large custom-tuned 50mm audio drivers that Razer uses for the Kraken Tournament Edition, which provides a wide soundscape ranging from subtle footsteps sneaking up behind you to climactic explosions. It’s also quite comfortable and cool on your ears, thanks to the cooling gel-infused cushions that reduce overall heat buildup.

Turtle Beach Recon 60P White Amplified Stereo Gaming Headset

Quality at the lower end of the price spectrum for console headsets has always been the forte of Turtle Beach, which has a lot of its lineup available for great deals during this Prime Day sale. In particular, you can get the already competitively priced Turtle Beach Recon 60P White Amplified for quite the low price, which is great news all around for those looking for a good value headset for their PlayStation 4. For a price lower than fifty bucks, you get a cool-looking pair of headphones with some very nice features for both hearing and speaking capabilities.

Right off the bat, the Recon 60P White Amplified boasts amplified stereo game and chat sound when connected to your PlayStation 4 Pro or regular PS4. It’s powered by high-quality 40 millimeter speakers that let you experience every crisp high and thundering low for every kind of game there is. Voice levels are intuitively controlled as well through integration with the headset audio itself – this means that you can hear your voice inside of the cups in addition to the sound you’re getting, which can help you set your mic volume to proper levels. The in-line controls also provide you a very convenient way to set up your audio without going through any kind of software set-up.

Razer Nari Ultimate Wireless 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset

If you take a look at some of the more high-end options Razer offers in terms of headsets, you’d be surprised at how competitive they can be compared to those from SteelSeries or Corsair, which are way higher up in terms of pricing. This is something that you can expect from the Nari Ultimate, which is billed as one of the manufacturer’s flagship headsets, while still at a decent enough price for many players. At this price point you also get one of the strangest features I’ve ever seen on a headset, and depending on your view this may either be a positive or a huge negative.

The Nari Ultimate utilizes what Razer is calling Hypersense Technology. In a nutshell, this introduces haptic feedback on the headset itself, which creates touch-sensory feedback for lifelike sensations based on audio cues either in-game, while listening to music, or watching videos. In terms of innovation, it could go either way; deeper immersion for some, experience-ruining for others. You can, however, turn it off completely, and what you’re left with is still a very decent pair of headphones thanks to THX Spatial Audio support with defined 5.1 and 7.1 channel surround, 2.4GHz wireless audio and a wide array of compatibility across all platforms.

Corsair HS60

Corsair’s own take on a budget gaming headset proves to be an effective one at making a mark, thanks to its rich feature set and amazingly muted aesthetic. The HS60 is an even better deal now thanks to Amazon’s Prime Day, which dropped its already low price to sub-fifty bucks. For what you’re paying though, you get what is arguably the best price-to-performance ratio thanks to its innovations in sound design and overall build quality.

Even at its price, the HS60 managed to sneak in a pair of large 50mm Neodymium speaker drivers that are precision-tuned to perfection, bringing superior sound quality with wide range and accuracy to your ears. The plush memory foam and adjustable earcups provide exceptional comfort for hours of gameplay on any platform, as the HS60 is compatible with all of them including mobile devices. You also get an optimized unidirectional microphone that reduces ambient noise for enhanced voice quality, which can be removed when you’re not using it.

So, what do you think? Which of these headsets specialized for console gaming will you be getting? Let us know and stay tuned for more recommendations from us on the best deals on peripherals, accessories, and other hardware for the whole duration of Amazon's Prime Day sales event.

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