PS VR2 Early Look Shows Off See-Through View, Customized Play Area, and More

A bold feature which allows players to see their surroundings even while wearing the headset.
Sony has unveiled the first features for PS VR2, including a see-through mode and customizable play areas.
Sony has unveiled the first features for PS VR2, including a see-through mode and customizable play areas. Sony

Sony is gearing up the PlayStation VR2 as an actual competitive entry in the virtual reality space, rivaling Metaverse’s Quest offerings and Valve’s own high-end Index. That said, it seems that Sony has more than a few tricks up its sleeve to give PlayStation 5 players the most immersive experience possible with the upcoming device, as revealed in the latest blog post showing off an early look at the user experience of PS VR2.

The first feature revealed, and one sure to turn some heads, is the see-through view, allowing players wearing the PS VR2 headsets to see their surroundings even while they’re wearing it. This is actually a very nice quality-of-life improvement across all VR technologies, and one that you can expect other VR headset makers to take note of. It essentially allows players to adjust to their surroundings accordingly without needing to remove and re-wear the headset frequently. With the embedded front cameras, users can simply press a function button on the headset itself or access the Card within the headset’s Control Center to switch between their surroundings or the content on PS VR2.

The second feature is useful for content creators and Twitch streamers, which allows players to broadcast themselves while playing. The feature allows the integration with PlayStation 5 HD camera to broadcast and record your favorite VR gaming moments.

The third one is sure to be appreciated for smaller indoor spaces or with too much stuff lying around. The Customized Play Area maps the room you’re playing in by scanning it, allowing you to set barriers for yourself to avoid getting hurt by the ends of your tables. This is also something VR makers should take note of for their future products.

Sony also unveiled two modes for viewing content with the PS VR2: VR Mode and Cinematic Mode. VR Mode is the high-performance option meant for playing games. It outputs content via 4000 x 2040 HDR video format with either 90Hz or 120Hz frame rates. Cinematic Mode is for media consumption or just viewing the PS5 system and UI in 1920x1080 HDR format with 24Hz, 60Hz, or 120Hz frame rates.

PS VR2 is slowly heating up for its launch, with Sony stating that the release date and games coming to the system will be announced soon.

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