Protect Your Data With These 5 Portable Hard Drives From Amazon

Protect your data.
Protect your data. Amazon

Having immediate access to data is highly important for those always on the go. While storing data in the cloud is a good option, it is not as helpful when there is no access to the internet. Another option is to use a laptop or netbook. However, this is problematic when there are large files, or have a netbook with a small hard drive. This means a great solution is to go for portable hard drives.

Here are five outstanding and highly rated portable hard drives from Amazon you can choose from.

Western Digital Elements

This portable hard drive offers high capacity and fast data transfer rates. It includes universal connectivity with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 devices to back up your photos, videos, and other files. If you're not happy with the 2 TB storage, there is the option to get 3 TB and 4 TB. If you think that's too much, there is also the 1 TB version.

Improved performance.
Improved performance. Amazon

Toshiba Canvio Advance

This portable hard drive ensures creators can do what they do best from anywhere. This is made possible with the high storage capacity and the quick access to stored content. With a two-year limited warranty, you can be confident to bring the Canvio Advance with you wherever you are. Its sleek design comes in a variety of vibrant colors to fit your personal style.

Take life anywhere
Take life anywhere Amazon

Seagate Backup Plus Slim

For a device that is small enough to fit in a loaded laptop bag, the Backup Plus Slim offers enough space to store lots of content. Indeed, this portable hard drive has useful file storage combined with easy portability. With its USB 3.0, it is easy for you to use it since it can be plugged into Windows and Mac.

A little fits a lot.
A little fits a lot. Amazon

Buffalo MiniStation 2

The MiniStation offers high speed portable storage placed in a lightweight and compact chassis. Its bus-powered USB 3 offers support and backward compatibility with USB 2.0. Combine this with the quick plug-and-play setup and you are guaranteed that it works with nearly any PC or Mac. Include with this device is the brand’s very own multipurpose Buffalo Tools utility suite designed to enhance Windows PC.

Easy to use.
Easy to use. Amazon

Lynnre 1TB/2TB Storage

This device is compatible with both Windows and Mac. There is no need for any additional software as you can just plug the Lynnre hard drive in and go. It works with USB 2.0 to deliver ultra-fast transfer speeds. Its slim design allows it to fit in your palm with the sleek and protective metal finish being offered in in Black and Silver.

Ultra-slim and ultra-fast.
Ultra-slim and ultra-fast. Amazon
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