Project Winter Update Adds New Hair Colors, Cosmetics, and Bug Fixes.

Project Winter Update
Project Winter Update steam

Other Ocean Interactive, developer of Project Winter, released a new update that adds new cosmetic items and fixes some bugs. Blue, Bright Red, Cyan Green, Pink, and Purple are the new five available hair colors introduced by this update. These will be permanently available in the in-game store, so don’t worry about missing out on the deal.

Some balancing changes like reducing penalty points from -20 to -5 points per 100 damage when survivors attack other survivors. New cosmetics can be earned within the game, such as red/gold/silver ice pickaxe and gold/silver semi savage.

Project Winter Update


  • Fixed issue where progression trees could become locked on subsequent launches after unlocking and purchasing an item.
  • Fixed issue where if several players disconnected around the same time, the may not have ended when a game over condition was met.
  • Fixed issue where players repeatedly interacting with a bunker console could cause the bunker to open without all consoles being activated.
  • Fixed issue where ghosts could be able to spam their fire or feast abilities.
  • Fixed certain cases where flickering could be observed in certain areas of the UI.
  • Fixed escape vehicle not blocking gunshots and allowing players to be shot from the opposite side while boarding.
  • Fixed dig site shovel building counting as a yellow flag for the “visit X yellow flag points” bonus objective.
  • Fixed wind audio from intro playing for longer than it should when skipping cutscene and reaching the main menu quickly.
  • Fixed players cloned while a global exile is active being able to enter the cabin or power station.
  • Fixed escapes spawning in incorrect locations on several maps, leading to issues with animal pathing.
  • Fixed issue where player could be prevented from falling off a sabotaged bridge by standing in the right location.
  • Fixed players being able to loot items through walls of power station from certain angles.
  • Fixed explosion SFX not playing for certain bridges when sabotaged.
  • Fixed various geometry, collision, and object placement issues on maps.
  • Fixed text for item store buy button sometimes overlapping.
  • [Blackout] Fixed case where invisible animals could appear during wave console activation if a Witching Hour event had previously occurred and ghost animals were killed during it.

You can read more about the update here.

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