Project Winter Coming to Switch, PlayStation 4 September 16

Ready to welcome new players?
Ready to welcome new players? Other Ocean

Good news to PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch players! Project Winter is coming to these platforms this September 16. That’s less than two weeks away.

In addition, the game is also coming to the next-gen console PlayStation 5.

Talking about the upcoming release, Other Ocean Product Director Ryan Hale shared in a statement that not only are they excited with Switch and PS players joining the community but also the notion of crossplay.

Survive the Wilderness

The multiplayer game has eight players taking the role of characters stranded in the freezing wilderness with a connection to the outside world cut off. Making the problem worse is that the isolation has increased the paranoia. Aside from surviving the deadly cold, players need to watch out for traitors in their midst. The traitors will do everything to prevent the escape, from sabotage and deception to even committing murder.

Game Features

Features of the game include:

  • Teamwork
    • Survivors need to work together to escape the freezing wilderness. Players who go off on their own can fall victim to the elements, hostile wildlife, and traitors.
  • ​Communication
    • To have a chance of escaping the wilds, players need to communicate properly.
    • There are different ways to do it and these include:
      • Proximity-based voice chat
      • Private voice chat radio channels,
      • Text chat and emotes
  • Betrayal and Deception
    • At the start, traitors are weak and outnumbered.
    • As the game progresses, their numbers grow and can earn the trust of survivors.
    • Since survivors are not sure who to trust, traitors can make the most of this by spreading lies and hoping the survivors go against each other.
  • Customization
    • The game offers different modes like basic, normal, and custom modes.
    • Players can customize their characters through cosmetics.

Project Winter is already available on PC and Xbox One. Besides the main game, a DLC was released in 2019 and it introduced new roles for survivors like Medium, Hunter, Padre, Yeti. Traitors also had new roles: Demon and Whisperer. You can get the game on PC through Steam and Xbox One through Microsoft Store. The game is priced at $19.99.

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