Project: Mara Dev Talks Ultra-Real Environments and "Mental Terror" Experience

Project: Mara dev talks ultra-realistic environment in upcoming title that emphasizes "mental terror".
Project: Mara dev talks ultra-realistic environment in upcoming title that emphasizes "mental terror". Ninja Theory

A new developer video from Ninja Theory showcased the meticulously rendered environments for Project: Mara called Capturing Reality.

In the video, the studio's creative director Tameem Antoniades detailed the process of how they captured realism. The studio is striving to capture an "obsessive" reality that attempts to do things, which never been done before. As he describes it, the experience feels like "it's not a game and not a movie, but something different."

Ninja Theory’s art team is recreating environments based on a real-world apartment to a hyper-realistic degree to achieve their goals for Project: Mara . This shows the amount of care and attention to detail the team dedicated to the project. The team is using procedural tools to construct an "ambitious and realistic setting" for a game that's the first of its kind. Scanning the entirety of an apartment from its structure to the materials in the setting.

Artists are "there to create systems that create objects with infinite variations,” Antoniades said. He also discussed how Clear Angle Studio helped create a "point cloud," which are the best references he's seen using a LiDAR scanner. The game will feature small procedurally generated objects like dust that you might not notice in the game but contributes to the overall sense of realism.

As a result, Project: Mara boasts next-level visuals with a compelling narrative described as "reacting the horrors of the mind as accurately and realistically as possible" by its commercial director Dom Matthews. “ Project: Mara will be an experimental title to showcase what could be the new storytelling medium," he added.

Project: Mara is still a mystery at this point beyond its teaser and developer videos. The project is only one of many by Microsoft-owned developer Ninja Theory, but it shows what the studio is capable of with its current technology.

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