Prison Life Update 0.3 Introduces New Way to Escape

Prison Life
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Prison Life is an online game where players can play as prisoners or guards. Prisoners have to get creative to escape jail while guards try their best to stop them from succeeding.

The developers released Update 0.3, which adds new features and bug fixes. But the game is still in early access. So, expect the final game to look very different from what it currently is.


What better way to avoid the crowds than using the newly introduced vents. These vents will be located in prisoners' cells and they give access to other locations within the prison. Players will have to unlock all the locations beforehand if they want to drop at that specific area.

New Escape

The introduction of vents means that there will be more ways to escape prison. That’s right, players can escape through the front door by collecting four parts of the code and using them to open the main door. The guards will be spread across more thinly because of the new yard added into the game. So, use that advantage to escape prison life.

Prison Life Update 0.3

  • Now escaped prisoners will be able to talk in chat with their role or all roles, they will have "(Escaped)" added to their name
  • Increased the mobility of guards by adding more out and return arrows for guards:
  • Now you can go in and out of the yard and also outside the prison if you are stuck there.
  • The metal detector at the entrance was removed and a new one was added to the new yard.
  • There was a bug that the game didn't end if some of the prisoners escaped and some left the game
  • Now game names must have at least 4 letters
  • There was a way to escape only with wire cutters due to a bug, now it's not possible because of the replaced outer fence with the concrete wall.
  • Sometimes you wouldn't be detected in the restricted area, fixed the calculations, and it seems all good now.
  • Sometimes when sent to solitary you were sent instead to your cell.
  • Hopefully fixed connection issues with unstable networks

You can read more about the update here.

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