‘Prison Break’ Season 5 Theory Suggests [SPOILER] Saved Michael

the company michaelsurgery
Michael gets 'experimental' surgery from The Company in 'Prison Break' Season 4. Fox

What can’t The Company do? That’s the idea behind the newest Prison Break Season 5 theory about how Michael survived electrocution back in 2009. If you remember back to Season 4, the villains were The Company, an evil organization who was protecting a hard drive named Scylla, which contained plans of alternative forms of energy worth billions.

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Scylla is actually a reference to Greek myth, most famously Homer's Odyssey . It was a six-headed monster, and Prison Break Season 5 isn’t slowing down on the Odyssey easter eggs. Writer Paul T. Scheuring tweeted The Odyssey was also an inspiration for Resurrection. Michael’s new last name, Outis, actually stands for “Nobody,” a direct reference to the escape from the cyclops in the epic poem. Another example is Ogygia, the name of this season’s prison, which is an island in the Odyssey where Odysseus was trapped for seven years by the nymph Calyspo, presumed dead by his loved ones.

"I started thinking, 'Wait, I know this story. It's The Odyssey,'" says Scheuring to The Hollywood Reporter. "Odysseus disappeared for seven years after the Trojan War and had to get back to Ithaca to Penelope and Telemachus. It's very much the same thing here. We don't pull any punches about it. Sara lives in Ithaca now, [a mysterious entity known as] Poseidon is trying to stop Michael. This is very much a modern rendering of The Odyssey."

In Season 4, Michael ends up handing over Scylla to a man named Solomon Okela, the leader of the anti-Company movement. From there, the anti-Company members were cleared of their crimes and The Company are all either dead or disbanded. It was happily ever after for Michael and Sara until Sara was arrested for the murder of Christina Scofield, Michael’s mother and an ex-company member. That’s when Michael is forced to break Sara out of prison, resulting in his ‘death’ by electrocution.

Michael holding Scylla while talking to The General in Season 4. Photo: Fox

But as you know, that’s clearly not the full story. Michael survived electrocution and ended up in Yemen, and it may be because of The Company (ScreenRant claims). Michael didn’t die from that zap of electricity, he passed out and somebody found him, forcing him to make a deal that exiled him from the rest of his family. The Company then performed another advanced brain surgery on Michael without his consent (explaining why he’s lived seven years with a brain tumor). This surgery changed his brain chemistry and erased his memory. The Company gave him a new identity, Kaniel Outis, and placed him in Yemen to do their political bidding in exploiting underdeveloped countries. In this scenario, Michael truly may not remember Lincoln, as the scene in the premiere episode suggested.

It’s also possible the government (or leftover Company) sending Sara to jail was just a ruse to trap Michael. With his high IQ, he naturally figured this out ahead of time and set the whole thing up before he went in to rescue her, as suggested by the DVD message, his last words, plan to contact T-Bag after his release, the fake electrocution, etc. Or, even if Sara going to jail wasn’t part of The Company’s plan, Michael could have contacted them before he made his escape plan and offered to turn himself in to spare Sara and his son’s life.

the company michaelsurgery
Michael gets 'experimental' surgery from The Company in 'Prison Break' Season 4. Photo: Fox

As part of the plan, Michael then receives the jacket with Kaneil Outis stitched into the tag, as well as the new details of his identity. He starts working with ISIL to protect The Company’s international efforts and gather intel to rebuild the now-dead General Krantz’s operations and continue developing the Scylla projects. In return, The Company agreed to leave Lincoln, Sara and the rest of the gang alone.

While all this is just speculation, The Odyssey references remaining in Prison Break Season 4 and the new ones in Season 5 can’t be a coincidence. They’ve all got to be connected, it’s just a matter of how.

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