‘Prison Break’ Season 5: How Is Michael Alive? Every Clue So Far

Wentworth Miller said his new tattoos took 40 minutes before each day of filming. Fox

The Prison Break Season 5 premiere did not provide us with an answer on how Michael is alive, but we certainly have more clues than we started with. Right now, the writers are leading us down the path that Michael may have faked his own death. After all, he had to be in on the scheme considering his body was in the casket in the season 4 finale and now it’s not. The expression on Kaniel Outis’ face at the end when he was talking to Lincoln also suggested he was lying to his brother about not knowing who Michael was. But we still don’t know anything for sure so here’s every clue from Prison Break Season 5 episode 1, “Ogygia.”

Michael’s Body Is Missing

Lincoln digs up Michael’s grave to discover his body is gone.

Michael looks very dead. How did he survive? Photo: Fox

Michael’s Jacket

The tag on Michael's old blazer now says Kaniel Outis. (Sidenote: How the hell does that jacket fit Lincoln?)

Two Agents

Someone messed with Lincoln's car, causing him to crash into a pond. Later in the episode, a man and a woman spy on him in the airport. “We want him gone from this world. No amount of digging can bring him back”

‘Burrows Franklin’

At the airport in Yemen, Lincoln didn’t notice a a man holding a suspicious sign.

T-Bag’s Arm

Whoever gave T-Bag the information that Michael is alive also anonymously donated to a prosthetic surgeon on one condition: that his first client was Theodore Bagwell. The doctor says tells T-Bag he thinks “the anonymous donors have plans for both of us.”

t-bag michael prison break season 5
T-Bag receives from a guard when he's released from prison. Photo: Fox

Kaniel Outis

Michael Scofield is now Kaneil Outis, one of Yemen’s most dangerous terrorist who Sheba says is serving time for trying to take down the government.

Michael's name in Yemen is Kaniel Outis. Photo: Fox

Ogygia Prison

The prison where Michael is being held is the most dangerous in the country. When Lincoln frist enters, he sees a man being whipped on a pole. 

Sucre looks at a map of Yemen with Linc. Photo: Fox

Michael's Explanation

“I don’t know who you are. My name isn't Michael,” Kaniel tells Lincoln when he finds him in jail. Michael had the most evil look in his eye, but as he walked away, closed his eyes and tilted his head back as if he was lying.

Why did Michael join ISIL? Photo: Fox


They’re everywhere just like his last set. Except this time, there’s Arabic writing all over his arms and an eye on his hands. “They aren’t new,” Michael says when Lincoln asks about them.

Michael's hand tattoos. Photo: Fox
Michael's arm tattoo. Photo: Fox

Michael Scofield’s Identity Is Gone

Every trace of Michael on the internet has been replaced with a picture of another man. Lincoln drops a Legends of Tomorrow reference when he says,  “they are erasing him from history.’

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