For Honor Celebrates Anniversary With Peace Festival

Celebrate peace.
Celebrate peace. Ubisoft

As For Honor celebrates its anniversary, it appears that a truce has been made between the warring factions of the Knights, Vikings, Samurai, and Wu Lin. To commemorate this event, warriors from each faction have been invited to take part in the Peace Festival where there's going to be Honor Games in order to celebrate the Truce of Wyverndale. The highlight is none other than the Carousel of Fire, a interesting take on the 4v4 Elimination Carousel of Death mode.

Before we take a look at what the new Death Mode has to offer, the event features the in-game map getting dressed up for just the occasion. There are fireworks, musicians, and even a live crowd. In addition, players should be happy to known that for the first time ever, original fan art banners made by the For Honor community are going to be put on display.

It's not all aesthetics, as the Peace Festival is bringing event-specific Battle Outfits, Ornaments, and Effects to the game. There are going to be brand-new Instrument Emotes available for all characters.

Carousel of Fire

In Carousel of Fire, whenever players die for the first time, they immediately respawn in five seconds. However, each subsequent death means five seconds are added to the respawn timer. A team wins when all of the opponents are dead at the same time. Strategy is important in this one, and, of course, timing.

If that isn't exciting enough, Carousel of Fire is set to offer a different variation on the game mode for each week of the event. Week 1, for example, adds damage boosts along with the arena having flaming geysers.

The event is available until February 27.

Emote Contest

In celebration of the Fourth Year of For Honor, a Music Emote Contest has been launched. The contest is from February 14 to February 21 with winners being announced by February 27. Up for grabs are 100,000 Steel for the First Prize, 50,000 Steel for the second, and 25,000 Steel for the Third.

For the contest, one player has to use the new music emotes while others use conventional ones, emote spam, or even perform other coordinated in-game actions and create a short video. For example, players can have a flautist play while three Conquerors “RAH” around them. Winners are going to be chosen based on creativity and enjoyability.

For the Contest Rules, here's what players need to keep in mind:

  • Entrants must use #fhjam on Twitter.
  • One entry per person.
  • Videos must be 40 seconds or shorter.
  • The person who submits the entry to Twitter is the only prize winner
  • Winners must have their Twitter Direct Messages open so the For Honor team can get in touch if they win.
  • Audio must not include music from outside of For Honor.
  • Winners are going to be provided a code that they can redeem.
  • Any submission can be used by Ubisoft social channels or streams (i.e. to show it on the Warrior’s Den).

Learn more about the contest here.

For Honor is available now on the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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