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Twitch has revealed the September 2020 list of free games for Prime subscribers. These games are available for anyone who has an Amazon Prime subscription.

Prime Gaming's free games lineup for September 2020 includes Autonauts, Effie, Outcast - Second Contact, Pumped BMX Pro, and Tiny Troopers: Joint Ops. September is also Prime Gaming's first month after being rebranded from Twitch Prime. Since the rebranding, the service now offers users a Twitch subscription for a month, which also includes Prime Music and Video. Even though the service itself did not see a whole lot of changes, Amazon hopes that the rebranding and streamlining of the experience will attract more users.

If you have an Amazon Prime account, you can easily claim these games by linking your Amazon and Twitch accounts. Once the linking has been done, you'll need to download the Amazon Games Launcher to download and install the games. Additionally, the service can also be availed separately for $12.99 a month if you wish to skip the expensive Amazon Prime subscription.

Autonauts is a world-building simulator in which players are required to settle on uninhabited planets and build towns from the ground up. Initially, the game presents players with rudimentary tools, but with a few hours into the game, players will be able to create towns, factories, and even a spaceport.

Tiny Troopers: Joint Ops is an arcade-style shooter in which players have to take on waves of enemies either solo or with a friend.

Effie is an action-adventure game whose graphics seems to have been inspired by classic Nintendo 64 platformers. The game takes players on a journey to explore the open world with a blend of platforming.

Outcast - Second Contact is a remake of the original Outcast game that was released in 1999. The open-world RPG game has players explore Aldephia, an alien world. The game has over 85% positive reviews on Steam.

Finally, Pumped BMX Pro is a simple, yet fun game where players take control of a BMX bike and show off their skills in a platforming sequence.

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