'Prey' Debriefing Safe Code: Here's The First Combination You'll Need Plus 5 More

Play as a male or female in Prey.
Play as a male or female in Prey. Bethesda

If you’ve just started Prey then you’re probably looking for the debriefing safe code. Don’t worry. The first combination you’ll need in Prey is 5150. If you played a lot of the demo then you probably already got to the debriefing safe, but players who are diving in unspoiled on the release day will benefit from a little hint here and there. Once again, here’s the Prey debriefing safe code for the lock you’ll find in the Neuromod Division early in the game.

Debriefing Safe Code: 5150

Arkane Studios has taken some measures to counteract the hive mind that gathers online upon the release of a game like Prey. Only certain codes are the same across all games; many of the keycodes require you to access emails or post-it notes scattered across Talos 1. Here’s a list of all the other fixed codes you’ll encounter in the Talos 1 Lobby area early in the game.

Morgan Yu’s office: 0451 - yes, it is an easter egg for System Shock.

Security Safe: 0526 - This safe is in the security booth in the lobby area which requires a keycard to enter. You can find it in the foyer of the Neuromod Division next to Divya’s body.

I.T. Department: 0913 - There’s a pair of Phantoms in this room. Beware!

Dr. DeVries’ Safe: 7324

Holding Room: 1129

Here’s some other tips for beginners in Prey:

You can explore outside of Talos I in zero gravity conditions.
You can explore outside of Talos I in zero gravity conditions. Bethesda

If you’re struggling with door locks early on, I’d recommend investing in the Hacking neuromod. Level 1 will let you open a few doors and terminals early in the game. I found the Leverage 1 skill to be useful as well. Moving cargo boxes out of the way has yielded me a number of good items so far, including valuable health kits.

The Repair skill should also be an early investment. It will help solve a number of environmental challenges early on, but more important is the role it plays in turret management. Keeping turrets in tip top shape is a literal lifesaver early in the game. Dragging them around can be a pain though. I recommend setting up dedicated kill zones and then trying to retreat and draw enemies out. Just make sure it's facing the right way when you unpack it!

Don’t be afraid to eat. Yes, you can use food in a Recycler to make organic components used in medkits but early in the game that’s a bit far off. Plus, if you’re well fed you get a perk that regenerates some health. Snack early and often, don’t wait for your health to be near critical before healing. Mimics are everywhere!

I cannot stress the importance of the GLOO gun enouh. It’s clear from the get-go that Arkane plans on this thing being a major part of the Prey experience. If you’re running low on ammo be sparing with the smaller Mimics. You can get the timing down with the wrench and kill them in three or four shots. Resist the urge to button mash as you’ll blow through all your stamina.

Save the GLOO for Phantoms. They has a psychic ranged attack that is devastating so killing them quickly and at medium range is the best option. You can sidestep the glowing orbs they shoot at you as you close the gap to douse them with the GLOO gun. Once frozen, two or three headshots with the pistol then switch back to the GLOO gun and freeze and repeat. Also worth keeping an eye out for fiery traps. Lots of spilled oil on the floors of Talos 1, and almost anything thats red will explode or shoot fire, including pipes.

GLOO is also useful for building bridges, especially in the Talos 1 lobby area. GLOO cannot stick to itself so you can’t stack it or build into negative space. But you can line a wall with it and breathe enough of a ledge that you can hop off a skybridge and walk to the mezzanine level across from you instead of going down and up the stairs again.

Have any keycode combos or tips of your own? Let us know in the comments!

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