‘The Predator’ 2018 Cast Adds Keegan-Michael Key, What About Those Suburbs?

Predator will return in Predator 4. 20th Century Fox

The cast for 2018’s Predator sequel, The Predator , is rapidly expanding. On Thursday The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Moonlight star Trevante Rhodes would join the cast. And today they announced Keegan-Michael Key, of Key & Peele, will also be battling against the alien big game hunter.

The sequel to the 1987 Predator also stars Boyd Holbrook ( Narcos ) and Olivia Munn (Mortdecai). There have also been persistent rumors that Arnold Schwarzenegger would return as his original character, “Dutch,” though The Predator director Shane Black (The Nice Guys, Iron Man 3) has said only “I’m not allowed to discuss” whether or not Schwarzenegger would appear (but c’mon, of course he will).

Unlike Predator 2 and the wretched Alien vs. Predator series, The Predator actually has a decent chance of being really good. Shane Black has so far failed to make a bad movie and he’ll be writing the screenplay with genre mastermind Fred Dekker, who wrote Night of the Creeps and co-wrote The Monster Squad with Shane Black.

So far nothing is known about the plot of The Predator . An early rumor had it set in the suburbs, which Shane Black specifically denied to Collider in November. But THR’s article announcing the casting of Trevante Rhodes reignited the possibility, writing that the Predator would pop up “ in an environment that audiences have not seen: the suburbs.” They reaffirmed that claim in Friday’s announcement of Key’s casting.

It seems most likely that THR is simply mistaken and working off old rumors, but the lack of concrete plot information means anything is possible when The Predator arrives in early 2018.

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