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The mobile racing game Ace Racer is launching in North America this March 16. A pre-registration campaign is now live which features in-game rewards. The game has players compete against one another by making full use of different skills.

Pre-registration is now open and there are rewards available based on in-game milestones, including:

  • 10K players pre-registered
    • Gift Cards x200
    • Fuel x300
  • 50K players pre-registered
    • Gift Cards x300
    • Gold x100000
  • 100K players pre-registered
    • Gift Cards x500
    • ECU Packs x15
  • 250K players pre-registered
    • Raffle Tickets x10
  • 500K players pre-registered
    • Purrfect Helmet Neon Poker
  • 800K players pre-registered
    • Neon Poker (Aston Martin DB11)
  • 1 million players pre-registered
    • British Campus Set (Brown)

While fast gameplay and precise controls are characteristics of this game, the performance of the cars won't be enough to get the victory. That's because each machine comes with its own unique features. For example, there are vehicles which can flash through walls or transform and thus make it possible to drive freely all over the place than what's normally allowed.

In addition, the gameplay experience is heightened with the visuals and sounds of the skills that bring to mind the feeling of arcade games of the past. The controls are also simplified to adapt it for mobile platforms. Only a handful of buttons are needed and even new players will surely enjoy racing.

The game has been designed to be competitive and fast-paced with about one minute per round. This should let players devote themselves to speedy races whenever and wherever they are. Dominate races by ramming, drifting, and speeding all the way to the finish line.

Another reason why the experience in Ace Racer is truly satisfying are the circuits which present fascinating landscapes and different choices like Los Angeles, Shanghai, Tokyo, Nevada, and California, to name a few.

Players can look forward to the thrill of high-speed driving with the 3v3 battle mode. It’s also possible to team up with friends and race while choosing different roles like speeder, supporter, or blocker.

Ace Racer is also launching in Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong/Macau/Taiwan, and Southeast Asia. The game is being developed by NetEase Games, known for its mobile and PC games.

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