Pre-Download for Meta World: My City Starts Today

Launch is almost here.
Launch is almost here. Netmarble

Pre-download of Netmarble's new offering Meta World: My City starts today at 7:00 p.m. (EDT) ahead of the official launch at 11:00 p.m. (EDT). While the launch is hours away, there's still time to be part of the special pre-registration events currently taking place. Players can pre-register by visiting the game's official website, Google Play, and App Store.

Those who were able to pre-register on Google Play or App Store get in-game items like an Epic Character Summon Ticket, an Avatar Costume Set, Gold, and a Seulgi Character Card. Meanwhile, selected participants who post content about the pre-registration or retweet the official announcement using the hashtag #MetaWorld on Facebook or Twitter get the Epic Character Card (Beatrice), Epic Character Summon Ticket, and Diamonds.

Meta World: My City is the sequel to Let’s Get Rich. The game offers board game mechanics while giving players the opportunity to purchase virtual real estate and buildings in the metaverse based on locations in the real world. Netmarble revealed plans to develop the game further to let players interact with each other as they enjoy different types of games in the metaverse world.

Key features of the game include:

  • A delightful board game at your fingertips.
  • Real-time competition with players around the world.
  • Come up with great strategies by using different character combos.
  • Fascinating new character skills.
  • Compete with global players to earn rewards.

Milestone Rewards

Pre-registration has reached the final milestone which is 1 million sign-ups. That means these are rewards available:

  • 3 Normal Summon Tickets.
  • 20,000 Gold.
  • 2 Seasonal Summon Tickets.
  • 1 Seulgi Character.
  • 1M Achievement Reward Costume Set.


With the launch just hours away, here's an idea of what's going to happen next based on the roadmap revealed a while back:

  • Grand Opening
    • 1v1 Strategic Board Game Released
    • Custom NFT Characters
    • Sale of First Land in the Meta World (Manhattan)
    • Structure Minting Released
  • Phase 1
    • Friends and Chat System Released
    • Tournament Mode Released
    • Additional Structure-Related Features Released
  • Phase 2
    • Partnership Content Released
    • 2v2 Board Game Released
    • Land Rental System for Players with Low Initial Funds Released
  • Phase 3
    • In-game Avatar Customization, Chat, and Emotes Added
    • Select NFT Structures Gain Interior Visuals and Entry Features
  • Phase 4
    • Metaverse Space (Plaza) System Released
    • Minigames Added
    • Minigame Exclusive Place Added

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