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ppkp guide tips tricks cheats hack how to get more diamonds gems attack better unlock new areas
Just started playing PPKP and aren’t sure how to make progress without spending lots of gems or diamonds? Check out our PPKP guide of tips and tricks to help you survive longer, defeat more enemies and make more progress before running out of gas. Player.One

Old school arcade combat games are fun and PPKP is no exception. I mean, what’s not to love about punching out monsters to reclaim your demolished city? Though the basic gameplay elements of PPKP are fairly simple, there is very little instruction as to how the game is played, what the goals are and how to make any progress towards those goals. For those who have heard about or are playing the game but aren't getting quite as far as they'd hoped, we’ve put together a beginner’s guide of tips, tricks and cheats for beating more monsters, getting more gold and gems and being generally successful in the game. Hopefully you’ll find it helpful.

PPKP Tips, Tricks and Cheats Guide

ppkp guide tips tricks cheats hack how to get more diamonds gems attack better unlock new areas
PPKP is all about the grind. Fight enemies, buy parts, repair your city and upgrade your hero to progress through the game. Photo: Player.One

Part 1: Basic Gameplay Elements/Walkthrough

How To Fight

As I mentioned above, the game mechanics in PPKP are relatively simple, but the lack of tutorials or any kind of text in the game at all make it difficult, initially to figure out what’s going on. In the first few moments of the game, you see a quick cut scene of a monster ripping through the sky and dropping tons of tiny monsters on the city below. You then are taken to a new scene where our small red-headed hero has awoken to find a yellow cab has busted through the roof of your home. You mission now begins as you are swept into your first battle against the Monster Corp monsters who have taken over your city. To fight, you are given a pair of buttons -- on is orange and one is blue. Tapping on these buttons causes your character to kick or punch at the monsters while you have energy, or defend against them when their attacks come (orange is typically best to use when you are defending yourself). In the tips portion of this guide, we’ll go over strategies for making effective attacks against different monsters.

How To Repair Buildings

ppkp guide tips tricks cheats hack how to get more diamonds gems attack better unlock new areas
To repair buildings, look for construction guys on your home screen. Tapping them shows the needed parts for repairing. Photo: Player.One

Once you depleted all your health your first battle ends and you’ll return to the sidewalk outside your destroyed home. Here you’ll see a construction guy carrying a board. Anytime you see one of these guys, this means there is a building to be repaired. If you tap on him, a screen will pop up, showing the requirements  for repairing the building. Your first building is free to repair, but all others will require specific parts to repair them. If you have the needed parts, simply tap the green button and the repair will begin. Repairing buildings unlocks new perks in your city and eventually allows you to unlock a helicopter for travel to other cities.

How To Get Parts For Repairs

ppkp guide tips tricks cheats hack how to get more diamonds gems attack better unlock new areas
To upgrade buildings you must get parts by punching cars in the junkyard. Photo: Player.One

Each time you fight a battle, a meter at the junkyard building will fill up a little. Once it’s completely full, your hero can go to the junkyard and try to get as many punches as he can on a car before the time runs out. You punch by tapping on the car while it’s in the air. When the round ends, you’ll have parts you can used for repairing buildings in your neighborhood.

Building Perks

Repairing buildings and then later upgrading them in your city allows you to unlock tools like foods to increase health, defense and energy levels, the ability to learn new moves, buy gem packs and eventually travel to new places. Every opportunity to upgrade a building, you should as it is key to progressing in the game.

Travelling To Other Cities

Once you’ve repaired all the buildings in your city and unlock the helicopter, you can fly to outlying areas and look for other areas that need rebuilding (you can tell they are available to rebuild by the construction equipment parked there. Tap on these areas and if you have the materials to repair them, then the mayor of these areas will award you with a ton of gold. You also have the ability to visit new regions with even trickier monsters to defeat.

Part 2: Tips And Tricks Guide

ppkp guide tips tricks cheats hack how to get more diamonds gems attack better unlock new areas
Timing is essential to deflecting attacks in PPKP. Photo: Player.One

Tip #1: Learn The Best Timing For Blocking

It’s easy enough to punch enemies but figuring out the most effective way to defend yourself is slightly trickier. There is one little cheat you can use to help you. After you have delivered your attack, your opponent will get up and prepare his. Just before he attacks, you’ll hear a little ding and there will be a yellow spark that appears around the head of the monster. Press your block button right then to make it effective. If you do it too soon or too late it won’t have any effect. There are a couple of enemies you should hesitate slightly with after that yellow spark appears -- I think the white pig is one -- just keep an eye out for those and adjust your blocking accordingly.

Tip #2: Learn The Most Effective Move Against Each Opponent

So this took me a little while to realize, but different opponents are weak to different kinds of moves. Even if you’ve bought more expensive moves at the dojo, you’ll still want to focus attacks with more of one color or another, depending on what your opponent is more vulnerable to. Below is a list of the monsters I’ve encountered so far and which color attacks they are most vulnerable to. As I meet others, I’ll keep adding to the list.

  • White Pigs -  blue

  • Blue Mouse dude - blue

  • Green Cat - blue

  • Blue Wolf - blue

  • Orange Alligator dude - blue

  • Green Alligator dude - blue

  • Green Pig - blue

  • Purple mouse dude - blue

  • Red wolf - orange

  • Chickens - orange

  • Purple goat - orange

  • Big Green Boss (cat?) - orange

  • Big 6-pack Brown Wolf - orange

Tip #3 - Use Multi-finger Tapping At Junkyard

At the junkyard, getting as much junk as you can will help you upgrade buildings faster. The best way I’ve found to do this is tap with more than one finger. I actually use three, like I’m drumming my fingers. I’ve gotten over 90 pieces of junk at once that way!

Tip #4: Use Daily Tricks For Get Extra Gems And Building Supplies

ppkp guide tips tricks cheats hack how to get more diamonds gems attack better unlock new areas
You can gain a few free gems in PPKP by leaving a review in the App Store. Photo: Player.One

So there are only a couple of ways so far that I’ve found to get gems or diamonds in this game without buying them. One is to repair the gem store in your town (you’ll be given 20 gems as a gift). The other way is to go to the settings screen (tap the left arrow at the bottom of your home screen). On the settings screen you’ll see some dudes playing the guitar and hitting a punching bag. There will also be a dude kind of on a platform in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. Tap on him and it will allow you to leave a review in the app store. This will earn you 10 gems. Besides these two freebies, you can also earn a small amount of free resources each day by tapping on the dog in the yard on the settings screen. He’ll give you an item when you do. If you tap him again there is a ball in the thought bubble over his head. I haven’t figured out what this means yet, but I bet it’s another perk. Once I do, I’ll add it to this post.

Have other great PPKP tips and tricks? Share in the comments below.


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