‘Pokken Tournament’ Patch 1.3 Coming June 15 To Balance Entire Roster

pokken pikachu gameplay
Pikachu laying the beatdown on Machamp in 'Pokken Tournament' Nintendo

The latest patch update for Pokken Tournament has been announced for June 15 and will include character balances for the entire Pokemon roster and some Support Pokemon. The update needs 521 MB of storage to download and players will need to update to version 1.3 to go online.

The Japanese Pokken Tournament website has already posted the 1.3 patch notes and there’s a lot to sift through. There’s a lot more changes in version 1.3 than in version 1.2 back in April.

Not surprising, but Mewtwo and Shadow Mewtwo received the most character balances while characters like Charizard and Pikachu Libre have seen nerfs to their Synergy Burst in terms of duration, so players who use these characters will have to use their time wisely.

Gardevoir saw the largest overall buff with an upcoming increase in damage and speed.

In terms of the Support Pokemon, Snivy, Magneton, Quagsire, Croagunk, Diglett, Yveltal, Latios and Cresselia have all been balanced. Most even had their base damage increased while some of the more powerful Support had its effects slightly nerfed, and cooldowns increased.

While the English-language patch notes are not yet available, Serebii has begun translating the Japanese patch notes and posted it on their page, so check that out for some of the specifics and we’ll update once the English Pokken Tournament 1.3 patch notes are made available.

In the meantime, let us know what you think of the changes coming to Pokken Tournament in June down in the comments section.

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