‘Pokken Tournament’ Nintendo Switch Teased In Japanese Listing

Pokkén Tournament will have features for every amiibo, not just Pokémon ones
Pokkén Tournament will have features for every amiibo, not just Pokémon ones Nintendo

Ahead of all the reported Nintendo Switch news expected at E3 2017, a listing on a Japanese gaming website revealed an arcade stick will soon go on sale for the hybrid console and will work with Pokken Tournament.

The listing found on Sinobi has since been taken down, but Serebii reports that th e site listed a new arcade stick for the Nintendo Switch in their listings. In this listing, it mentioned that the stick can be used in fighting games such as Pokkén Tournament.

There has been no confirmation from Nintendo, The Pokémon Company or Bandai Namco. However, with Nintendo seemingly bringing ports of Wii U games to their new console like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, fans shouldn’t be surprised if the Pokémon fighting game does make it to the Switch.

Pokken Tournament coming to the Nintendo Switch is especially possible considering all of the new characters that made it to arcade versions but not to the Wii U.

Pokémon like Empoleon, Croagunk, Darkrai and Scizor all made their debuts in arcades but left Wii U owners high and dry. A Nintendo Switch port would likely include all of the DLC characters and possibly even more Pokémon to battle with.

Bandai Namco, who handles Pokken Tournament, told iDigitalTimes back in October that they look forward to bringing old and new franchises to the Nintendo Switch.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, the sequel to the popular Dragon Ball fighting game from Bandai Namco, will be released for the Nintendo Switch this fall.

Pokken Tournament isn’t the only Pokémon-based game coming to the Nintendo Switch. A new mainline Pokémon game, which the fan community has dubbed Pokémon Stars, may be coming to the hybrid console with new Pokémon and Alola forms but outside of rumors there has been no concrete evidence. However, The Pokémon Company CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara confirmed back when the Nintendo Switch was going by the codename NX that a Pokémon game will come to the hybrid console.

All of these rumors may make Nintendo’s E3 slate stacked with unannounced titles and features. Although Nintendo’s presence at E3 this year will focus on Super Mario Odyssey with a Nintendo Direct-style presentation, there are unannounced Nintendo Switch titles expected to be revealed, including the leaked Mario x Rabbids Kingdom Battle from Ubisoft.

So what do you think of the possibility of Pokken Tournament coming to the Nintendo Switch? What Pokémon do you hope make the game roster if it expands? Let us know in the comments section below.

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