‘Pokken Tournament’ New Character To Be Announced Dec. 1; Is Empoleon A Shoe-In?

pokken tournament box art
The box art for Pokken Tournament Bandai Namco

The official Pokken Tournament Twitter account announced a new character for the fighting game will be revealed on Dec. 1.

The new Pokken Tournament character will be added to the arcade version of the game, which has been the case with every new character revealed since the Wii U version. The new character will also be shown on the official Pokken Tournament website.

Who will be the latest member to join Pokken Tournament? Dataminers found data for three Pokémon including Darkrai and Scizor. Both Pokémon were announced as playable characters but Empoleon,the third Pokémon found in the data, has yet been revealed.

The Dec. 1 announcement could very well be Empoleon’s reveal but the last addition to Pokken Tournament was a definite surprise. Croagunk was added to the game despite being a Support Pokémon.

Croagunk’s inclusion has opened the door for any of the Support Pokémon to be made playable in the game.

Check out our list of Support Pokémon in Pokken Tournament to see who can possibly join the Pokémon fighting game.

Every new character in Pokken Tournament has not made the jump from arcade to the Wii U yet and there hasn’t been any word on whether there are plans to add Scizor, Darkrai, Croagunk and the upcoming new character to the console. However, with the Nintendo Switch on the horizon, there may be a Switch version of Pokken Tournament with all of the new content released.

The Nintendo Switch will release March 2017 but more information on Nintendo’s latest console will be revealed in January.

Once the next Pokken Tournament character is revealed we will update, so check back for more.

In the meantime, let us know who you want to join Pokken Tournament in the comments section below.

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