Pokémon UNITE Now on Nintendo Switch

Time to fight.
Time to fight. Nintendo

Have you always wanted to try a MOBA game but don’t really like how the characters look? Then the answer might just be Pokémon UNITE. We say that because the game lets you use Pokémon. You know, those cute creatures.

Like your typical MOBA, players fight against each other in 5v5 team battles. In these battles, players need to cooperate with their teammates to defeat any wild Pokémon while making sure to level up and evolve their own. Players also need to beat the Pokémon of their opponents and get more points than the other team within a certain amount of time.

First Season is Here

Pokémon UNITE is now available on Nintendo Switch. In addition to the game’s official launch, the first season, dubbed “Welcome to Aeos Island,” is also officially live. That means players have the option to get the battle pass which features a lot of rewards including in-game currency and even Holowear. Throughout the season, players need to finish daily and weekly missions. These help players increase their battle pass level and get rewards based on unlocked levels.

Besides the battle pass, there’s the premium pass which offers even more rewards, like the Holowear Hip-Hop Style: Pikachu and the Captain Style: Cinderace.

Basic Gameplay

You’re probably wondering that if the Pokémon are fighting, does that mean some of them are going to die? Not really though. The main goal is actually to collect Aeos energy. These are dropped by defeated enemy Pokémon or wild Pokémon.

Players then need to deposit the Aeos energy collected to one of the goal zones on the side of the opponents. Successfully completing this results in points scored for the team. The team that has the most points at the end of the battle wins.

Mobile Version

Pokémon UNITE though won’t be exclusive to the Switch. Versions for mobile devices are scheduled to be released in September 2021. Cross-platform between the Switch and mobile devices are being worked on and hopefully, it’s available once the mobile version is launched.

Pokémon UNITE is free to start with in-game purchases.

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