Pokémon Ultra Sun And Moon Island Scan: Locations, Egg Moves And More

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island scan pokemon sun moon
The Island Scan returns in Ultra Sun and Moon The Pokemon Company

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon brings back Island Scan to Alola, and with it, a ton of Pokémon that are not catchable anywhere else in the game.

The Island Scan feature, introduced in Sun and Moon , allowed for trainers to scan QR Codes of the Pokémon they captured (or their friends’) to have a special Pokémon appear somewhere in Alola.

Each scan allots 10 points and it takes 100 points to activate the Island Scan in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. The Pokémon will appear for about one hour after activation so go and grab that Pokémon.

Here’s some extra information about Island Scan Pokémon. They won’t activate SOS Battles so if you were hoping to Shiny Chain you can’t. But also, these Pokémon will have a special Egg Move already in their attack arsenal so you won’t have to breed it on .

Of course, certain Pokémon appear through the Island Scan depending on the day and the island you are currently on. Check out the list of all the Pokémon you can catch via the Island Scan broken up by island, day and more.

Melemele Island

Charmander (Sunday) - Route 3 and Counter

Squirtle (Monday) - Seaward Cave and Aqua Jet

Onix (Tuesday) - Ten Carat Hill and Rototiller

Horsea (Wednesday) - Kala'e Bay and Water Pulse

Scatterbug (Thursday) - Hau'oli City and Rage Powder

Bulbasaur (Friday) - Route 2 and Grassy Terrain

Litwick (Saturday) - Hau'oli Cemetery and Endure

Akala Island

Ralts (Sunday) - Route 6 and Low Kick

Spheal (Monday) - Route 7 and Misty Terrain

Combusken (Tuesday) - Route 8 and Low Kick

Honedge (Wednesday) - Akala Outskirts and Wide Guard

Beedrill (Thursday) - Route 4 and No Egg Move

Grovyle (Friday) - Route 5 and Grassy Terrain

Marshtomp (Saturday) - Brooklet Hill and Counter

Ula'ula Island

Rhyhorn (Sunday) - Blush Mountain and Guard Split

Swinub (Monday) - Tapu Village and Icicle Spear

Prinplup (Tuesday) - Route 16 and Power Trip

Grotle (Wednesday) - Ula'ula Meadow and Heavy Slam

Pidgeot (Thursday) - Route 10 and Steel Wing

Monferno (Friday) - Route 11 and Power-Up Punch

Axew (Saturday) - Mount Hokulani and Counter

Poni Island

Elektross (Sunday) - Poni Grove and No Egg Move 

Aggron (Monday) - Poni Plains and Reversal

Rotom (Tuesday) - Poni Gauntlet and No Egg Move

Leavanny (Wednesday) - Poni Meadow and Grassy Terrain

Chesnaught (Thursday) - Exeggutor Island and Spikes

Greninja (Friday) - Poni Wilds and Bestow

Delphox (Saturday) - Ancient Poni Path and Wish

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