‘Pokémon Sun And Moon’: New Pokémon And Ultra Beasts Revealed In Latest Trailer

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pokemon sun and moon ultra beasts
One of the new Ultra Beasts in 'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Pokemon Company

The latest Pokémon Sun and Moon information was released and it is a doozy.

There’s a ton of new information about Sun and Moon including new Pokémon , new support characters a possible new rival and how Zygarde fits into the Alola Region.

We’ll break it all down, but first take a look at the English Sun and Moon trailer followed by the Japanese one below.

The first new Pokémon is Type: Null, which is a Normal-type Pokémon with the ability Battle Armor. Not much is known about this new Pokémon except it is shown using Tri Attack.

pokemon sun and moon type null
Type Null in 'Sun and Moon' Photo: Pokemon Company

The other new Pokémon is Jangmo-o, the pure Dragon-type with the abilities Bulletproof and Soundproof. It is seen using Dragon Tail.

pokemon sun and moon jungmoo
The new Pokemon, Jungmo-o in 'Sun and Moon' Photo: Pokemon Company

Alola Raticate makes its debut in Sun and Moon after the reveal of Alola Rattata the week prior. It retains the Dark and Normal typing and the abilities Gluttony and Hustle.

pokemon sun and moon alola raticate
Alola Raticate in 'Sun and Moon' Photo: Pokemon Company

It’s also revealed that Sun and Moon take 12 hours apart from each other. As the trailer shows, with certain events being different. From the gameplay, Moon will take place mostly at night with Sun being during the day.

And then there’s the Aether Foundation. Lusamine is the President of the Aether Foundation. Faba is the branch leader, Wicke the assistant branch manager, and ther other members of the Aether Foundation who acts as a counterpart to Team Skull.

Speaking of Team Skull, Gladion is the team’s enforcer and will seemingly be another rival for your character.

Zygarde’s role in Sun and Moon will be for your character to collect the Zygarde cells, which we kind of knew already but from the new gameplay we see two people give you a device to help collect them.

And as a nice nod to Pokémon Snap, your PokeFinder will allow players to take photos of wild Pokémon.

Finally, the introduction of the Ultra Beasts. The first one, which is a jellyfish like creature is named UB-01 and that’s all the trailer reveals of those.

So what do you think of the new Sun and Moon trailer? Sound off in the comments section below.

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