Pokémon-Style Game Nexomon: Extinction Officially Announced, Coming To Consoles And PC This Summer

VEWO Interactive's full-fledged release in the genre will be published by PQube.
Publisher PQube announced Nexomon: Extinction, a brand-new monster catching title coming to consoles and PC this summer.
Publisher PQube announced Nexomon: Extinction, a brand-new monster catching title coming to consoles and PC this summer. PQube

If there is something that the recent and unexpected success of Temtem has taught us, it’s that there is a potential untapped goldmine in titles devoted to monster collecting on other platforms besides those owned by Nintendo. The independent Early Access title was embraced by players on PC as a direct competitor to the vastly successful Pokémon series, and has led to more and more developers looking into the genre.

Nexomon: Extinction is not VEWO Interactive’s first foray into the monster collecting genre, having first released Nexomon for mobile phones and PC last year. That said, this next title is their first with a legitimate backing from a publisher, PQube, and will avoid the Early Access route taken by Nexomon in 2019. Nexomon: Extinction is also heading to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch alongside PC via Steam later this summer. Check out the announcement trailer for Nexomon: Extinction below.

In terms of gameplay, Nexomon: Extinction follows the trend of the earlier titles in the Pokémon series, in which the world and its characters are viewed from a top-down perspective. There are random encounters, and battles play out mostly like those in the Pokémon series, albeit with a distinctly different art design. Nexomon: Extinction’s art reminds me heavily of Neopets, utilizing a colorful, simple, and charming (if rather generic) design. To its merit, Nexomon has quite a following thanks to its release on mobile phones, boasting over one million players in Nexomon: Extinction’s announcement trailer. It remains to be seen how this will translate to Extinction's release.

Nexomon: Extinction’s page on Steam describes it as having a brand-new story and characters, as well as 300 unique Nexomon to tame. It’s important to note that this is the same number of monsters you can get in the first Nexomon, which may lead some to worry as to whether or not the monsters you can get in the two games are identical.

In any case, Nexomon: Extinction is set to release this summer for the PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC.

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