Pokémon On Nintendo Switch Will Be A ‘Traditional Experience’

Pokemon is coming to the Nintendo Switch
Pokemon is coming to the Nintendo Switch Nintendo/Player.One

The announcement that a Pokémon RPG is coming to Nintendo Switch was a big deal during E3 2017. There hasn’t been any additional information from either GameFreak or Nintendo, but a recent interview with Nintendo of America’s Reggie Fils-Aime confirms some details about the upcoming Pokémon game.

Bloomberg interviewed Fils-Aime at E3 2017 and while the entire interview has yet to pop up online, a tweet from Bloomberg tech reporter Yuji Nakamura revealed some interesting tidbits about Pokémon and Metroid Prime 4 on Nintendo Switch.

For Pokémon on Nintendo Switch, Reggie said it will be “a traditional find, battle, train type experience.”

The way Reggie described Pokémon Switch sounds like fans will get another mainline Pokémon game similar to the previous installments, just with updated graphics. However, there’s also the possibility it could be a game more like Pokémon Coliseum or Gales of Darkness. Those spin-offs allowed players to control their character and catch certain Pokémon while traveling from town to town in a more traditionally RPG-like manner.

If we had to fancy a guess, Pokémon on the Nintendo Switch will be more in line with how Sun and Moon was done than a new spin-off game.

Reggie also commented on Metroid Prime 4, confirming it will be a “first-person experience.” This seems to fall in line with the first three Prime games that changed Metroid from a platformer to a first-person shooter. Considering Metroid Prime 4 will have producer Kensuke Tanabe return, it’s not a surprise that the latest Metroid game will continue the FPS format.

A Pokémon Nintendo Direct a week before E3 2017 saw the first official announcement of Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon for this November. These new games will take place in the Alola Region as an alternate story. Whether this means that Ultra Soon and Ultra Moon take place in a different time or in a different dimension is unclear, but there will be new Pokémon.

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will release this November for the Nintendo 3DS.

What do you think of a traditional Pokémon game coming to the Nintendo Switch? Do you want something completely different? Let us know in the comments section below.

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