Pokémon Regigigas, Heatran Distribution Coming Via Newsletter In March

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Regigigas and Heatran will be distributed in March.
Regigigas and Heatran will be distributed in March. THE POKEMON COMPANY

The Pokémon Company is distributing Legendary Pokémon throughout most of 2018, and in March, Heatran and Regigigas will be available to trainers using Ultra Sun, Ultra Moon, Sun or Moon. To celebrate the announcement, the company released a trailer with more details on both Legendary Pokémon and an interview with developers at Game Freak, which can be seen below.

To receive the code for Regigigas and Heatran, trainers will need to sign up for The Pokémon Trainer Club newsletter, which will be emailed to trainers in March and have the special code to obtain Heatran or Regigigas in the Gen 7 game of the player’s choosing. But they must sign up for it before March 1 to get the code.


It’s very simple to sign up for the Pokémon Trainer Club newsletter, which offers special distribution codes and the latest news on Pokémon products, including the video games and trading card game. Here’s how to sign up for the newsletter:

  • Go to the sign-up site and give your date of birth and your country.
  • Give your email address (if you’re too young, your parent’s email is required).
  • An email will be sent to the above email where you’ll receive a verification code to verify it.


Unless you have a copy of both versions of the Gen 7 games, you will only be able to obtain either Heatran or Regigigas.

If you own Ultra Sun or Sun you can only obtain Regigigas. Transfer the bulky Legendary Pokémon to Ultra Sun and it’ll be at Level 100 and will be holding a Gold Bottle Cap. Trainers looking for Heatran will have to transfer it to either Ultra Moon or Moon with Ultra Moon getting their Fire and Steel-type Pokémon at Level 100 and holding a Gold Bottle Cap.

Let us know if you think Heatran or Regigigas is better in the comments section below.

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