Pokémon Masters EX: Celebrate its Second Birthday

Happy birthday!
Happy birthday! DeNa

Pokémon Masters EX last week launched its Two-Year Anniversary celebration with a one-of-a-kind treat for all players. Players have the chance to add as many as 100 sync pairs to their team by simply logging it. How’s that for a celebration?

During the anniversary celebration, players who log in get a 10-Pair Scout Ticket and this can be exchanged for 10 sync pair scouts. That means, logging in for ten days you can get 10 tickets or a chance to scout 100 sync pairs. This promotion is available until September 29 but players can use the tickets until October 6.

Anniversary Sync Pairs

There are three anniversary-themed sync pairs available and each one has strong master passive skills, which are sure to strengthen the whole team. All three sync pairs can be added to the player’s team until September 29. The sync pairs are:

  • Lillie (Anniversary 2021) and Lunala
    • The master passive skill of this Ghost-type strike sync pair can immediately maximize the Sp. Atk and critical-hit rate of the team.
  • N (Anniversary 2021) and Reshiram
    • The master passive skill of this Fire-type tech sync pair lowers the stats of all enemies. This skill can be combined with Blue Flare.
  • Steven (Anniversary 2021) and Rayquaza
    • The master passive skill of this Flying-type strike sync pair power-up their stats the more they attack.

Earn Gems

Players who log in to the game get a one-time gift of 3,000 Gems, which should be enough to get 11 sync pairs. This offer is valid until September 29.

There’s also a Two-Year Anniversary Log-In Bonus where players can earn a certain number of Gems by logging in. This one though is only valid until September 13.

Hello Misty!

Players who finish the first Story level in the Special Sync Pair Event: Misty & Psyduck can add the Water-type sync pair of Misty (Swimsuit) and Psyduck. This sync pair can reach a 6-Star EX Potential rating, which in turn increases the strength of their sync moves. It’s available until October 15.

Return of Seasonal Sync Pairs

Selected seasonal sync pairs make their return to the game through the Super Spotlight Seasonal Scout. Six seasonal sync pairs will be available from September 2 to September 9, and then another six from September 9 to September 16. Learn more about the second-anniversary celebration here.

Pokémon Masters EX is a real-time battling and strategy game for Android and iOS.

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